When my heart was beating wildly, it became reclusive and sad. The frozen places of near and far are the silent shadow and night.Hugedarkness gave birth to the shape of drifting little noise from the distance. I found rotten cortex and weathering bones turned into the flowers of the earth and the water of lake. I am a forget-running horse.

The silent distance is silenter, the misty night is mistier. I am deeply moved by a bouquet of white flowers in my dream, which makes me truly believe in love. That was the moment when I wake up and hold on to this deep and enduring love.I am a horse forgetting to run

I like to linger in the joy of love. I am used to be a holy prayer. The reality of the earth has kept my youthful imagination and hallucination. The blossom is real, the pain is real, the long needles of missing are piercing my heart deeply. The only thing that makes me happy is love, your love. This love has made me so miserable. I am a horse thatforgets to run.

This little flower bloomed at my late night, and its fragrance filled my whole heart. Now I begin to feel the pain which digs deep into the solitary and quietness.The flame of love has deprived me of more conscious awareness in the growth of years. I am willing to be in the fire of pain and happiness.

It comes into the dream of youth. But it can't offsetmy nostalgia and confiding to a flower. I place my soul outside of the door for a flower, all my silent expression and tone, look like a bloodless horse! I have forgotten to run. Have I entered too deep toextricate myself? I was at the center of night, sitting like a lotus flower.

The wind of memory, rendering an unspoken love.What season is a promise? What season is the same ending? I am a horse that forgot to run. My naked thirst has been holding on to a hopeless expectation and I will expect to persevere. But you, my lover, which city will you be in? Under which bright light?

I start to worry: While I’m hanging in the night soul, can I find the maple bridge's fire? I am a horse that forgets to run! I am so much like a child who has done something wrong. And my fragile memory has deprived me of the neglect of the displacement of the kiss. I see your dress dancing with my long hair. We have the same longing that blooms at the end. It came to the same ending. How will the true dream be unfold?

When I’m sitting in front of the computer and writing a poem, it is quiet . I am the horse that forgets to run! I am the child of the wind who does not cry. But in this tuyere, the flower period will come, the buds of my heart have gently opened. I won’t tell you that I am a horse forgetting to run, and I have waited and stopped for you. I am in this tuyere, a child who is crying in the wind.

The fireworks of the whole night took place a thousand miles away, and all that familiar things were sung delicately and softly in the sky. Now I feel the song of the ream, and the song of Guan Jiu. Is it the past or my dream? The color and fragrance ofthe flowers once made me lose my stubbornness.My hands are shaking. I am a horsethat forgot to run! where is my refuge? Is it the soul of the wind?the heart? or the love itself?

The flowers are listening, the moonlight of tonight is listening. I’m a horse that forgets to run! My internal love has been suspended in the night dream.


作者∣海狼 朗讀∣清風微雪