The fog slowly and silently settled,

Turning the sea green and the sky purple,

Don't care why and don't care how,

I'm just an ordinary mortal.

The fog is a mask,

Covering the harbor and the deck,

I can only see from a stone's throw,

You will be back my heart knows.

There is a tree to hide,

Where the whole world gone blind,

Yet the wind slips in slowly,

Whispering songs to me softly.

Walk into the arms of mist,

Why so damp and cold is your kiss,

Because I'm the foggy fog,

Because I'm the misty mist.

Mist combs through my hairs,

As I cast the lure into the air,

You said I ain't see any fish, my friend,

I said they're here and there and everywhere.

Sent you off the port,

The kids miss you a lot,

Out of reach and out of touch,

We love you so very much.

The day of return is approaching,

The foghorn of lighthouse is blowing

In the distance not far away,

Through the mist you are returning.

Fog dances with the wind,

Swirl forms with the stream,

Whatever the world has to say,

I will always stick to my dream.

The world asks a lot of questions,

All are pointless in various versions,

Please please no more asking,

As we are just two trees in the ocean.

On a cold September dawn,

Near the foggy smoky pond,

Under the yellow softy light,

Disappear from my blurry sight.

Blinded by the cloak of the fog,

We could be miles and miles apart,

Let the friendship brings you warm,

With the news from Jim and Sean.