logrono- Navarrete, 14km; Navarrete - Najera, 18k


<h3>Sign of Canimo ,&nbsp;</h3><h3>每个城市自己为Canimo 做的永久标志,铺在地面上</h3> <h3>67 years old, 56, 55, meet at breakfast, Logrono old town.&nbsp;</h3><h3>这就是小伙子年纪。早餐不错,2.8 欧元, 一个面包,一杯咖啡,一杯鲜橙汁,从没遇到这么好的价格。</h3> <h3>Pilgrims shadow in Logrono&nbsp;</h3><h3> 影子和我们</h3> <h3>We are here</h3><h3>我们的位置</h3> <h3>A park on our way, swan family . </h3><h3>路上的一个临湖公园,天鹅家庭</h3> <h3>We enjoyed the lark view very much , left my backpack on the corner . Then one Chicago lady came to me , told me my phone was ringing for ages. Oh? It was a IPhone sitting on my backpack, poor people, who lost his phone and some kind people thought it might mine , so left it right top of my backpack! Then this boy walked back for his phone. Ha, see how happy he is?</h3><h3>湖边,一位芝加哥朝圣者走向我,告诉说我的电话一直在响,啊?原来真的有个苹果手机在我留在墙角的背包上。一定是好心人以为我掉的。后来John走回来拿他掉在地上苹果。这条路上,没有现实社会的担忧..</h3> <h3>13 km is too easy , reach Narrate by noon. Pension €40.&nbsp;</h3><h3>不到中午就住到了一个Pension, 40 €。下午大雨,这种雷雨天气在春天很多, 小睡、瑜伽、晚饭,再睡。</h3> <h3>Double rainbow with church. The old town was quiet and reserved. Bars on s and doors, Gpysy was wandering , and jerk people too. </h3><h3>这个城市老城部分铁窗铁门,吉普赛人和一些看着不太那啥的人晃来晃去,老城部分的餐饮真心不咋样,这个地方不推荐停留。</h3><h3><br /></h3> <h3>Municipal Albergue, from my balcony </h3><h3> 从我们的阳台,看去对面的政府招待所</h3> <h3>Happy walking boy</h3><h3>有劲儿了哈,切</h3> <h3>It shows Vendosa on Canimo, but it is on drive way, not on Canimo, we didn't shop any lunch. Lucky us, we have some bread and meat. &nbsp;</h3><h3>12公里没村庄啊,饿了就马上吃,才不等到哪里呢,爱哪里就哪里</h3> <h3>Well water for pilgrim </h3><h3>一个大宅外,为朝圣者的专门设的井水补给</h3> <h3>Pilgrim Cafe</h3><h3>咖啡馆墙上都画着朝圣者</h3> <h3>Najera, feast day! Every Jun 9th! </h3><h3>省日?反正赶上人家这个地界的好日子了!</h3> <h3>Traditional movement, great environment!</h3><h3>西班牙民族的凝聚力、参与力,力力感人</h3> <h3>dancing and singing , quite impressive!</h3><h3>自娱自乐,能歌善舞的民族!</h3> <h3>Feast day dish</h3><h3>大锅饭嘿<br /></h3> <h3>Help to set tables</h3><h3>铺桌子喽</h3> <h3>Line up to feast </h3><h3>排队打饭喽</h3> <h3>It is a better idea, eh?</h3><h3>阿姨们认为这样比纸盘子好拿</h3> <h3>Oh yeah!</h3><h3><br /></h3><h3>大吃大喝喽!</h3> <h3>Happy hour, 3-5pm. €6, eat what you can , wine or water included. </h3><h3>6欧任吃任喝<br /></h3> <h3>Sausage, ribs and potatoes stew are so good! And free ice cream!</h3><h3>炖肉肠、排骨、土豆,太好吃了!都什么料啊,好吃到哭啊!还有冰激凌呢!</h3> <h3>Albergue </h3><h3>朝圣者驿站</h3> <h3>The city seems next to the very unique hill, with beautiful river. </h3><h3>小城紧挨一种结构独特的山岩而建,山体有人工开凿的岩洞。</h3> <h3>Sunset,10pm.</h3><h3>夕阳西下,10点了</h3> <h3>Life just start</h3><h3>生活才开始</h3>