TB6902 Giovanni ed Elviruccia (TV Series-Paolo Panelli)

Summary of the film: 1969 Italy film (TV Series, total 4 episodes). Director Paolo Panelli, starring Paolo Panelli, Bice Valori,Giuseppe Bergantini, total length 200 minutes. In the 1950s, Giovanni was the organizer of a traveling film show. once when they show a tragicomedy movie in the outdoor,suddenly encountered a storm attack,there he met Elviruccia.Since then, their fate began to cross together. Their real life just is like the tragicomedy movie,recorded the change and development of history of Italian drama, film and Italy TV in the last century 50's to 70's, showing an unforgettable sketch from the musical theater age to the television age.
Ennio Morricone: was born 10 November 1928. is an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and former trumpet player. Ennio Morricone studied at Rome's Santa Cecilia Conservatory, His score for that film, with its sparse arrangements, unorthodox instrumentation (bells, electric guitars, harmonicas, the distinctive twang of the jew's harp) and memorable tunes, revolutionized the way music would be used in Westerns, and it is hard to think of a post-Morricone Western score that doesn't in some way reflect his influence. His name will always be synonymous with the spaghetti Western....
Summary for the music : All info show the composer is Ennio Morricone

OST of Giovanni ed Elviruccia (All composed by Ennio Morricone)

All 14 tracks from the album "Ennio Morricone Rare & Unreleased Soundtracks from the 60s & 70s"

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001 Giovanni ed Elviruccia: I Giorni Tuoi, le Notti Mie No. 1 (Titoli) (02:10)
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002 Giovanni ed Elviruccia: I Giorni Tuoi, le Notti Mie No. 2 (01:42)
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