TB6804 El magnífico Tony Carrera  / The Magnificent Tony Carrera (José Antonio de la Loma)

Summary of the film:  1968 West Germany-Spain-Italy film. Director José Antonio de la Loma, starring Thomas Hunter, Gila von Weitershausen, Fernando Sancho , length 101 minutes. A 'James Bond' type thriller: Blackmailed into coming out of retirement in Italy where he has taken up motor racing, Tony Carrera the famous jewel thief is forced to attempt one more robbery. Flown to Amsterdam he is folowed by private detectives and hounded by his kidnappers but still manages to pull off an almost impossible robbery, however, his troubles are only beginning.

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Giovanni Marchetti: Italian composer and songwriter, born 7 September 1933 in Rome, Italy, died 11 April 2012 in Rome, Italy
Music Summary :The composers was show both Giovanni Marchett and Ennio Morricone in the IMDB (Morricone Uncredited), but no more specific explanation. CHIMAI website not seen the film. There are different display in the other web sites. Further studies are needed for this problem. Refer to the lists below
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VIDEO Episode: "Psico Classico"(YouTube 01'46")

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