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TB-6102 L′Italiano Ha Cinquant′anni / L'italiano ha 50 anni / (Francomaria Trapani)

Summary of the film: 1961 Italy film. Director Francomaria Trapani, starring Giorgio Albertazzi (commentary), length 98 minutes. Through the explanation of Giorgio Albertazzi, major events were reviewed and commented on the history of Italy and the people's lives in the major events from the beginning of the last century until the sixties of the fifty years

Italy composer Gino Peguri (Italy Full name Luigi Peguri. No Biography)

Summary of the music: The film was composed by Gino Peguni, Morricone arranged 1 music (See below OST list)

Audition of OST  (Only for Ennio Morricone)

Gino Peguri Composer; Ennio Morricone Arranger Conductor; Giuseppe Cassia Lyrics; Miranda Martino Vocals

001 Cinquant'anni (03:07)

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