TB-6101 Enrico '61 (Pietro Garinei, Sandro Giovannini)

Summary of the film: Enrico '61 (1961) was a musical comedy starring revue and comedy star Renato Rascel, theatre and comedy stars Gianrico Tedeschi, Gisella Sofio and Renzo Palmer, and variety and comedy star Gloria Paul. In 1964, Enrico '61 was broadcasted on TV by RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana.Enrico '61 was written for the 100th anniversary of the Unification of Italy (17th March 1861). Roman middle-class Enrico has his 100th birthday: he recalls the most important facts of his life in association with the most relevant facts of Italian history from 1861.
Renato Rascel as the 100-year old Enrico.
From the left: Renato Rascel (as the young Enrico), Renzo Palmer and Gloria Paul.

Enrico '61 (48:51)
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Italian film actor, singer, and songwriter Renato Ranucci (1912-1991)

in art Renato Rascel (27 April 1912 – 2 January 1991) was an Italian film actor, singer, and songwriter. He appeared in 50 films between 1942 and 1972. He represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960 with the song "Romantica" which was placed equal eighth out of thirteen entries....His post second World War success is due mainly to his leading roles in the musicals by Garinei & Giovannini. The artistic trio is responsible for the existence of the “Musical” in Italy with Attanasio cavallo vanesio in 1952 (featuring the American trio Peter Sisters, Alvaro piuttosto corsaro (1953), Tobia la candida spia (1955), Un paio d'ali (1957), Rascelinaria (1958), Enrico '61 (1961), also performed for an entire year in London at the Piccadilly Theater in 1962), Il giorno della tartaruga (1965) and Alleluja, brava gente (1970). In his career, Rascel had established himself as a comic and dramatic actor, dancer, singer and songwriter. His most famous song, "Arrivederci Roma," is among the three most famous Italian songs of all time. He also wrote a number of internationally famous songs such as "Venticello de Roma", "Con un po' di fantasia", "Vogliamoci tanto bene", "Romantica", and "Te voglio bene tanto tanto]"...

Summary of the music
: The film was composed by Renato Rascel, Morricone arranged 4 music (See below OST list)

Audition of OST  (Only for Ennio Morricone)

Renato Rascel Composer Vocals; Ennio Morricone Arranger Conductor; Pietro Garinei Lyrics; Sandro Giovannini Lyrics

001 Vent'anni (02:46) Lack of resources

002 Dopo l'inverno viene sempre primavera (02:42) Lack of resources

003 ...E non addio (02:45) see below VIDEO

004 Com'è bello volersi bene (02:32) Lack of resources

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