TB-6001 Via Margutta / Run with the Devil

Plot: 1960 Italy-France film. Director Mario Camerini ,starring Antonella Lualdi, Gérard Blain, Franco Fabrizi, length 105 minutes. The focal point of this standard drama by director Mario Camerini is life in the Via Margutta, an artists' sector in Rome, the Italian equivalent of Montmartre in Paris. Stefano (Gerard Blain) is a talented painter, devoted to his art but not necessarily that adroit or interested in promoting himself. In contrast to Stefano, there are other artists more adept at selling their persona as an artist than creating art. Along with this mixed group of painters is a gay gallery owner who helps out some of the artists as best he can. Other characters that wander through the district range from a good-hearted woman to a self-serving parasite. These people interact in various ways, as Stefano eventually achieves his just recognition.

VIDEO: Via Margutta (07:00)

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Italy composer Piero Piccioni (1921-2004)

Piero Piccioni (6 December 1921 – 23 July 2004) was an Italian lawyer turned major film score composer. A pianist, organist, conductor, composer, he was also the prolific author of more than 300 film soundtracks. His mother’s maiden name was Marengo, hence his pseudonym Piero Morgan which he adopted until 1957. He played for the first time on radio in 1938 with his historic “013” Big Band, to return on air only after the liberation of Italy in 1944. His unforgettable “013”, was the first Italian jazz band to be broadcast in Italy after the fall of fascism.

The film openning shows the composer is Piero Piccioni (00:01:12)
Summary of the music: The film was composed by Piero Piccioni, Morricone arranged 2 music (See below OST list)

Audition of OST  (Only for Ennio Morricone)

Composer: Piero Piccioni; Arranger Ennio Morricone

001 Al posto del cuore (03:13)

Audition Al posto del cuore >>>>>>

002 Tango italiano (02:26 )
Audution Tango italiano >>>>>>
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