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电影概况: 1965年电影。Alberto Sordi 导演,Alberto Sordi,Fiona Lewis,Amy Dalby 主演。时长 122 分钟。但丁 丰塔纳是一个意大利古董商人,在长期的期待以后,他终于开始了他到英伦三岛参加古董拍卖会的旅程。但是由于生活习惯的差异和英国上流社会的陌生环境,使得他在那里经常受到一些英国精英的讥笑甚至蔑视,发生了许多冒险和不愉快的事。他的拍卖竞购对手是一位强悍的公爵夫人,她邀请他到她的城堡做客。她的时髦孙女伊丽莎白带他到伦敦旅游并参加一个嬉皮士的摇滚游戏。在那里发生的许多文化冲击促使他尽快地打道回府以返回意大利亲人的身边。

Summary of the film: 1965 Italy film. Director Alberto Sordi,
Starring Alberto Sordi,Fiona Lewis,Amy Dalby, length 122 min.
Alberto Sordi directs and co-stars with Fiona Lewis and Amy Dalby in this situation comedy with songs. Dante Fontana is an Italian antique dealer who specializes in items from Britain. When he finally gets to take his much-anticipated trip to the British Isles to attend an antique auction, Dante gets into a bidding war with a doughty duchess at the event, but she invites him back to her castle. The woman's hip granddaughter Elizabeth takes Dante on a swinging tour of London to witness mod rockers at play. The culture shock is too much for Dante who quickly makes plans to return to his wife and children in Italy.

在线视频 伦敦之雾 (本站上传56网 21:04)
VIDEO Fumo Di Londra (21:04)

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意大利作曲家 匹罗 皮西欧尼 / Piero Piccioni (Italy 1921-2004)
音乐概要:此片由 Piero Piccioni 谱曲,其中2首乐曲由莫里康内改编 (见底部OST播放表)

Summary of the music: The film was composed by Piero Piccioni, Morricone arranged 2 music (See below OST list)

原声音乐试听  (仅为和莫里康内有关的乐曲)
Audition of OST  (Only for Ennio Morricone)

001 You never told me (02:43) / 你从未告诉我 (Piero Piccioni Composer; Ennio Morricone Arranger Conductor; Alberto Sordi Lyrics; Robert Mellin Lyrics; Julie Rogers Vocals)

 Music VIDEO 音乐视频 朱丽叶 罗格斯演唱 >>>>>>

002 Breve amore (The Italian version of "You Never Told Me")/ 短暂的爱 (Piero Piccioni Composer; Ennio Morricone Arranger Conductor; Alberto Sordi Lyrics; Mina Vocals)
 Music VIDEO 米娜演唱 / Breve amore sung by Mina >>>>>>

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