TB6301 Tutto è musica / 音乐是一切 (万事乐)

电影概要: 1963年意大利电影。由 Domenico Modugno 导演,Paolo Bergamaschi,Giustino Durano,Eddra Gale 主演,时长 85 分钟。
莫杜诺 (Domenico Modugno) 是意大利著名的流行歌手,演员,音乐家。他的歌曲"Nel blu dipinto di blu"1958年在美国排行榜名列第一并获格莱美奖,成为唯一创记录的意大利歌曲和意大利最成功的表演艺术家。这部"音乐是一切”电影由他自己导演,将现实生活戏剧化,以短篇小说和自传体的形式集合并重温了他自己演唱过的许多歌曲。

Summary of the film: Domenico Mourinho is a famous Italian pop singer, actor, musician. His song "Nel blu dipinto di blu" in 1958 in the United States ranked first and won the Grammy Award, and become the unique record of the Italian song and Italy's most successful performing artists. This "Tutto è musica" film is directed by himself. He dramatized real life, assembled and revisited many of his own songs sung in the form of short stories and autobiographies

视频 “音乐是一切 (万事乐)“-片头 (02:32 本站上传优酷网)
VIDEO "Tutto è musica"-Titles (02:32)

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视频 “音乐是一切 (万事乐)“-雨中 (03:49 本站上传优酷网)
VIDEO "Tutto è musica"-Piove (It is raining) (03:49)
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"Tutto è musica" Clip-1 (06:11)
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"Tutto è musica" Clip-2 (07:27)
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音乐概要: 此片所用乐曲均为意大利导演,歌手,作曲家莫杜诺 / Domenico Modugno (Italy 1928-1994))自己历年所演唱过的歌曲,其中两首乐曲由莫里康内改编 (见底部OST播放表)

Summary of the music: All music used in the film are to be sung songs by the director, singer, and composer Domenico Modugno himself in the past years , Morricone arranged 2 music (See below OST list)

“音乐是一切” 原声音乐 (仅为和莫里康内有关的乐曲)

Audition of OST  (Only for Ennio Morricone)

001  Ciao ciao bambina (02:29) / 宝贝你好你好  (Domenico Modugno Composer; Ennio Morricone Arranger Conductor)

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002  Ciao ciao bambina (Piove)  (02:23) / 宝贝你好你好 (雨中) (Domenico Modugno Composer; Ennio Morricone Arranger Conductor)
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