TB6201 Violenza Segreta / Secret Violence /  秘密暴力

电影概要: 意大利电影,由 Giorgio Moser 导演,Alexandra Stewart, Enrico Maria Salerno, David Abrams  主演,时长 100 分钟。恩里科 马莱尼是一个在索马里生活和工作的意大利人,他是一个研究和出售动物的商人。在一个农场里,他认识了农场主法伦提,他曾是前法西斯党的领导人,现在他仍然在用专制的方式对待本地人。在那里他遇到一个年轻的索马里女孩瑞佳娜,她被训练以满足农场主的所有愿望。当法伦提的农场从摩加迪沙搬迁时,法伦提把马莱尼和瑞佳娜两人留在那里。渐渐地,马莱尼对瑞佳娜的兴趣变成一种狂热,他对待瑞佳娜的专横更像是殖民主义的残暴。 电影基于恩里克 埃曼纽勒的小说“黑色的一周”改编。

Plot: Plot: Enrico Maraini, a wholesaler of animals sold for research, lives and works in 1958 Somalia. He gets engaged to Elisabetta and move in italian community. Here he meets Farnenti, a former Fascist Party leader and now farms owner. When Enrico accept an invitation, he discovers the despotic manners of Farnenti towards native at his service. Enrico is also very affected by Regina, a young Somali girl trained to fulfill every wish of the landlord. When Farnenti has to move in his holding far from Mogadiscio he places both the house and the girl at Enrico's disposal. He agrees but, little by little, the interest in Regina turns into a feverish passion. The movie is mad out of "Settimana nera", a novel by Enrico Emanuelli.
音乐概要:此片由意大利·作曲家乔万尼 福斯科(1906-1968)谱曲。其中的一首乐曲 "Idolo nero / 白色的偶像"由莫里康内改编

Summary of the music: The film was composed by Giovanni Fusco, Morricone arranged 1 music ""Idolo nero"

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