❤️老師 Teacher

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原文:陳安之;編譯:Pinkmei Original: Steve Chen, Translation by Pinkmei 一顆感恩之心,是人類心田中最真、最善、最美的種子。它發芽之後,開出愛心之花,結出智慧之果,而你的人生也將由此進入與眾不同的新世界。這就是老師。 A grateful heart, which is the most sincere, the kindest, the most beautiful seeds in people's heart. After germination, out of the flower of love, to bear the fruit of an intelligent, and your life will enter the distinctive new world. This is the teacher. 如果黑板是浩淼的大海,那麼老師是海上的水手,教鞭就是您們的槳,划動那只般泊在港口的船隻,您們的手勢生動優美,如一隻振翅翱翔的雄鷹,在遼闊的天宇邊划成一條漂亮的弧線,遙迢的天邊飄來一片雲,猶如您晶瑩剔透的心,一派高遠,您隨便的驚鴻一瞥,執掌起滿天晚霞。 If Blackboard is broad ocean, so teacher is the sailor on the sea, pointer is your paddle, designated moving vessels parking in the port. Your gestures are vivid and beautiful, like an Eagle flying with wings, which designated into a article beautiful of arc in the vast of sky. A cloud floating from the remote horizon, seems like your crystal heart, faction high, you casual glimpse may helm up sky sunset. 一支粉筆,三尺講台,留下的永遠是您含辛茹苦的身影。滴滴汗水,點點心血,印在您臉上的始終是嘔心企盼的神情。一個人一生之中最大的幸福不是過著紙醉金迷的聲色艷娛的生活,不是和愛人耳鬢嘶磨,醉臥溫柔之廂,而是遇到一個知識淵博,品行高尚的老師。 A piece of chalk, a three-foot platform, left is your deligient figure forever. Drops of sweat, every effort, printed on your face is always an expecting hope. A great happiness in one's lifetime is not a world of sensual gorgeous entertainment life, not ear hair wear with lovers, nor lay drunken on tender box, but encountered a knowledgeable, noble teacher. 敬愛的老師: 祝你們身體健康,工作順利,萬事如意! Dear teacher: I wish you good health, success and good luck! Blessings💐😋💞 謝謝關注!Thanks!