Fume free Ropot Cooker—Pan-fry Shrimp


Ropot cooker idle state Ingredients: Shrimp from costco, garlic, salt and green oinion Press power, preheat model will be enabled. The default pre-heat time is 3 minutes. Note: only the first time cooking require pre-heat. 1.Put shrimp in the pot after pre-heat is finished. 2.Press Function key to select Pan-fry, the default Pan-fry is 4 minutes,press '+' increase time to 6 minutes,each side 3 minutes, on last 1 minutes put some salt , garlic and green onion or put any seasoning you prefer. * 6 minutes later, beep with ok display in the LED screen * Shrimp are ready to serve. Ropot family has four members: Silver,Gold,Rose red and black. It uses baked and polished paint technolgy,it looks shiny and goegeous