Fume free Ropot Cooker—Pan-fry OrganicChicken wing


Ropot cooker idle state Ingredients: Organic Chicken wing, The KEG steak dressing Preparation: Wash and use paper towel to dry the wings. Seasoning chicken wings with KEG dressing Press power, preheat model will be enabled. The default pre-heat time is 3 minutes. Note: only the first time cooking will trigger the pre-heat model. 1.Put chicken wings in the pot after pre-heat is finished. 2.Press Function key to select Pan-fry, the default Pan-fry is 4 minutes,press '+' increase time to 16 minutes,flip few times as needed,then just wait. 16 minutes later, beep with ok display in the LED screen, the wings are ready to serve. Please note it does not need any cooking oil. Ropot family has four members: Silver,Gold,Rose red and black. It uses polished paint technolgy,it looks shiny and goegeous