Fume free Ropot cooker——Pan-fry Spare Ribs


Ingredients: Spare Ribs, salt Marinate Ribs with salt or with dressing as you like Ropot cooker ilde state Press power key,Ropot cooker will be in preheat model. When it's the first time cook, the default preheat time is 3 minutes. Note: Only first time cooking needs pre-heat. 1.Beep with Ok display on LED screen when Pre-heat finishes after 3 minutes 2. Open the lid , put half tea spoon oil and prepared ribs 3.Press function key to select Manual or Pan-fry. Default Pan-fry or Manual time is 4 minutes, press "+" key to increase time to 15 minutes , flipper over ribs few times as needed. Open the lid from side after 15 minutes. See picture position to avoid hot steam when opening Beep with ok display on the LED screen after 15 minutes. Pan-fry ribs are ready to serve Ropot family has four members: Silver,Gold,Rose red and black. It uses polished paint technolgy,it looks goegeous.