Ropot fume free robot cooker——Assorted Veg


Ingredients: could be any mix of vegtables. Coook what you have at home 1 table spoon = 15 ml Ropot cooker ilde state Press power key,When it's the first time cooking , Ropot cooker will be in preheat model. The default preheat time is 3 minutes. Note: Only first time cooking needs preheat. 1.Beep with Ok display on LED screen when Pre-heat finish after 3 minutes 2. Open the lid , put 15 ml cooking oli and put all ingredients 4. Default Stir-fry time is 3 minutes, press "+" key to increase cooking time as needed, I use 3.5 minutes, then just wait and do what you want to do Beep with ok display on the LED screen after 6 minutes. Open the lid and put some salt or whatever sause you prefer , press "Toss " to have heated 15 seconds final mix. Then its ready to serve Ropot family has four members: Silver,Gold,Rose red and black. It uses polished paint technolgy,it looks goegeous. Its our WeChat Phone: 613-761-0254