General Dai Huan, former deputy commander of Hunan Military Region, and his party visited Loudi Western regiment Academy




On the morning of October 24, major general Dai Huan, former deputy commander of the Hunan Military Region of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, accompanied by Dai Zhongzhong, chairman of the board of directors of the Western League Academy of Loudi, President of the Dai's General Chamber of Commerce, and Dai lixiongchao, executive chairman of the Dai's clan association in Loudi, visited the academy and congratulated the ongoing Seminar on Dai's culture in Hunan. Looking at the cultural exhibition of xituan academy, it seems to be feeling that Nietzsche said that "every day without dancing is a failure to live". From now on, we should cherish our time and try our best to contribute as much positive energy as possible to social progress.

Under the autumn sun, xituan academy has a clear wind and a beautiful day. Dai Zhongcheng reported the history, evolution, magic "28 degree line" and current education innovation mode of the college to general Dai Huan and his party. He gave a "good" evaluation on the cultural heritage and educational innovation of xituan academy and the expectation of "continuous efforts". It is required to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture in the past 300 years, just like the Tang Lian's "spring breeze, peach and plum trees, three thousand trees, light shadow and book sound for five hundred years". He also reported to general Dai the cultural development plan of the Western League academy, the original intention and vision of creating a historical and cultural corridor, and the general distribution of Dai's associations all over the country.

Xituan academy aims at donation, teaching assistant, tempering and inheritance; adheres to the concept of "internal and external cultivation, learning for application", takes the training of children's eloquence as the main direction, and combines etiquette models and drama performances to achieve the comprehensive quality improvement of children. From the expression of speech, the release of performance, the display of body and other aspects, children can be endowed with the growth, physical and mental health, brilliant, steadily carrying the sacred feelings of the children of Huxiang. They always walk into history with the piety of "respecting the ancient and believing in history" with a heart of awe, or bend down slightly, or squat down, brush off the dust and dust of time, and use national purity The "dragon bay" reflects the moon, carefully upholds the spirit of "thousand victories" of the millennium, delves into the poetic fragments, and reflects the educational philosophy of loyalty and sincerity.