The world Dai Clan Association held a grand ceremony for the award of "outstanding clansmen"







There is a kind of light, is a beacon, guiding the course, out of confusion;

There is a kind of prize, which is the kindling, enlightening wisdom and lighting dreams.

On the evening of October 24, the world Dai Clan Association held the award ceremony of "Ten Outstanding clansmen". Wu Shuguang, vice chairman of Hunan Federation of industry and commerce, Su min, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, Cong Shuying, senior leader of the city, Mao Junru, a special actor of Chairman Mao and a famous scholar of culture and tourism in Hunan, Dai Anguo, President of the world Dai culture Research Association, Dai Jianping, chairman of the Dai clan association in Hunan, Dai Sanlong, Secretary General of the world Dai culture research association, Dai Zhongzhong, President of the Dai's General Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province, and Dai's zongzongzong from all over the country Nearly 200 long and lineage relatives participated. Cong Shuying speaks. Dai Jianhong, Dai Xuedong, Dai Shanji, Dai Guoping, Dai guanan, Dai Lihua, Dai Guihui, Dai Longjian, Dai Tieguang and Dai longfan were awarded the title of "outstanding lineage relatives". Mao Junru splashed ink on the spot and recited "spring snow in Qinyuan". Chen Fuyun, Queen of Xinhua folk song, and xituan academy performed a wonderful art show of martial arts lantern!

The Party pointed out that the Dai family name is one of the ancient and powerful surnames in China, and is known as the world's first American family name. According to research, Wei Ziqi, a direct descendant of the Yellow Emperor and a direct descendant of Shang Jun, was the founder of the Dai family. His surname was Dai Gong of song. In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there were 12 monarchs, including Dai Li, Dai Zihan and Dai Yan, who ruled song for 226 years. In addition, there are eight prime ministers, including Dai she in Han Dynasty, Dai Miao in Jin Dynasty, Dai faxing in southern and Northern Dynasties, Dai Zhou and Dai Zhide in Tang Dynasty, Dai Junyuan, Dai quheng's nephew and Dai Hongci in Qing Dynasty, Dali Temple minister in Northern Song Dynasty, and Dai Qiansheng, an important founder of the Communist Party of China, secretary and right-hand assistant of Sun Yat Sen of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai Shek's think tank and national teacher, China Dai Jitao, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Republic of China, member of the state government, President of the examination institute, and Minister of propaganda, became the second person of the party since 1928.

The party stressed that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. If we are earth, we will burn into bricks; if we are iron ore, we will make steel; if we are gold, we will shine. As we all know, the difficult things in the world must be done in the easy way, and the great things in the world must be done in detail. He who seeks the elder of wood must consolidate its root, and he who wants to flow far must dredge its spring. We firmly believe that it is not easy to climb the mountain of books by Dai's hundreds of rivers and rivers, and it is not dangerous to travel through the sea of business. The world is in front of us, the future is in our eyes, the earth is under our feet, and the rainbow is in our hands!