The founding meeting of the Dai clan association in Loudi






  On the afternoon of October 24, the inaugural meeting of Dai's clan association in Loudi was held in the Western League Academy in Loudi. General Dai Huan, former deputy commander of Hunan Military Region; Dai Anguo, world Dai culture Research Association; Dai Jianping, chairman of Hunan Dai Clan Association; Dai Sanlong, Secretary General of world Dai Family Culture Research Association; Dai Ruyi, Secretary General of Dai's business association; Dai Guoqiang, President of Sichuan Dai's clan Association; Dai Xin, executive chairman of Beijing Dai's Clan Association; Dai bin, President of Shaanxi Dai's Clan Association; Dai bin, chairman of Dai's clan association in Shaanxi; Dai, Tongren, Guizhou Dai Yingjun, President of Dai's clan association, Dai Zhongzhong, President of Hunan Dai's General Chamber of Commerce, as well as clan representatives from more than 10 provinces, cities and regions in China, as well as the relatives of Loudi who worked abroad specially to attend the founding meeting. A total of 200 people attended the meeting to witness this historic moment. General Dai Huan presented calligraphy works of "inheriting Zude and creating brilliance together". Dai Jianping awarded the card and made a speech. Dai Zhongyi read out the commendation decision of "Ten Outstanding clansmen (plus)".

The meeting adopted the articles of association of Dai's clan in Loudi and the financial management measures of Dai's clan association in Loudi, and elected the first president, executive vice president, vice president and director of Loudi Dai's clan association. Dai Weibin was elected president of Dai's clan association in Loudi, Dai Lixiong as executive chairman and Dai Xiangdong as secretary general.

Since Dai Qiansheng opened Meishan in the year of Xining (1072), there were many loyal and righteous people in Loudi. At present, there are 100000 Dai people living in this area, and their descendants are scattered all over the country. According to the old genealogy, there were three branches of he clan who compiled the genealogy as early as the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty.

Dai Weibin, the president-elect, said that the establishment of the clan association marks a new step in the blood relationship of Dai's clan in Loudi and a new step in the study of surname history and culture. Its establishment has a guiding, guiding and regulating role for the activities of clan members, and is the spiritual home of clan activities; it is like a link, which gathers clan members together through the platform of clan association, to be engaged in mourning for ancestors, contacting relatives, compiling genealogy, etc. Our tenets are: support the leadership of the party, love the motherland, abide by discipline and law; respect ancestors and worship ancestors, inherit culture; promote ancestor precepts and serve ethnic enterprises; help the poor and help the poor; respect the old and love the young, care for the family; develop harmoniously; respect his surname and move forward hand in hand. Carry forward Dai's culture, enlarge Dai's family, and let Dai's family produce more talents.

Dai Jianping pointed out that the establishment of the Dai clan association in Loudi is a great event of Dai's clan in central Hunan, and is the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping's "practical emphasis on promoting national culture" in the nineteen major reports of the party. We hope to unite the Dai clan, promote the economic development of the city, inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, and carry forward the family motto of "learning to establish oneself, filial piety as the first" and the fine tradition of harmonious neighborhood, abiding by discipline and law, and loyalty to the country.