1.Wash the water, cut the lettuce, purple cabbage slices, cut the small pieces, peel them, cut the small pieces, cut the cucumber slices, steam them, stir the broccoli mushroom slices, boil the potatoes, steam the meat, chicken, breast meat, boiled the slices, shrimp, SHELLLESS, boiled the fish, bacon, fried slices, salad, use the sauce, haolemen, mayonnaise, Chubi, sesame, Japanese style salad sauce.

2.Wash and cut cucumber and tomato. It's sweeter to eat cucumber without skin.

3.Peel and dice potatoes. Clean the water once. Wash off the excess starch on the surface. It's powdered when steamed.

4.The eggs, corn and potatoes are steamed in an egg steamer.

5.When the steamed corn cools down, stir the corn. First, one by one, two spaces are set aside, and then one by one.

6.Cut the eggs with egg artifact. (I don't often make salads. The ones that choose to buy small bags of salad juice are clean and sanitary. Mayonnaise makes sandwiches and it's also delicious. )(roasted sesame tastes good

7.Put all the processed ingredients together, and finally pour the salad juice you like!