1、Lance Crayon
When I lived in Beijing, I knew the owners of a boutique commercial advertising agency. They only had a few clients, but each one was substantially large. Their most lucrative account was a home supplies company in Jiangsu Province that made laundry detergent, air freshener, liquid soap, and other household items. The agency produced the company''s commercials and then made sure that they aired on CCTV.
When the company''s CFO graduated from college, she worked as a kindergarten teacher. A few decades later, she was a multi-millionaire in charge of operations for a company that employed 40,000. Her name was Ning.
The company''s factory offered a mid-sized amusement park for the employees. It had three roller coasters, two water slides, a wave pool, and rides for children.
Ning''s husband, Zhang,The couple's daily communication time will not be more than two hours, they have their own business, busy and full。Maybe in our opinion, all of this is crazy, but this is the normal in China. Their main core is around work. Families, children and couples usually give way to work!
I have a Chinese friend named "Bai",She had a Starbucks card with $10,000 credit on it.
But unexpectedly, "Bai" is not a coffee drinker. He told me in private that she prefers "soda", but she regularly recharges her Starbucks card, all for "business talk"。
3、Ellen Berg
Recently, I happened to have a shooting mission in Guangzhou. The boss of the advertising company suggested that I go to their studio to have a look - I was shocked by the scene. When I stepped into the studio, everyone didn't seem to show special emotions towards a stranger's visit. Everyone continued to do their own things, and they just nailed their jobs like precision screws!
You should know that in Europe, such a "serious" atmosphere rarely exists, and people usually have some casual exchanges. Obviously, this silence in China makes me feel depressed. I told my accompanying Chinese partner: Wouldn't such silence affect the quality of shooting?
But for my question, my Chinese partner didn't seem to care. He handed over a pile of shooting plans. Well, that's the most detailed and complicated shooting plan I've seen so far. In this plan, everyone should do something clearly marked。
He said lightly that the discussion had already ended yesterday. Today's task is to turn the discussion into reality. No more opinions are needed in this process.
Why are Chinese people so efficient? Maybe that's the secret!
4、James Cardin
There is no doubt that Chinese people must be the most hardworking people in the world, but what I want to say is that I respect their hard work, but I don't want to achieve this respect personally!
Around 2015, I had the honor to visit a production line workshop in Guangdong, China. In which workshop, every Chinese is working seriously. There, they are divided into scientific and reasonable 24 hours a day, which time is used for work, which time is used for rest, which time is used for eating, and which time is accurate to the minute Zhong, under the scientific and reasonable planning, it is difficult for them to have the opportunity to plan their own time!
5、Kicking bird
Aha, I think this is the greatest place for Chinese people. They have sacrificed themselves by hard work, but they have provided for our life. Think carefully, can we live without made in China?
6、Lance Crayon
No one can do without anyone, but in the world market at this stage, the Chinese people have played the role of product supply. Like the Japanese and the Americans, this is just a historical development stage, but later history has proved that both the Americans and the Japanese have gone to the country's strong, to be honest, this is really enviable!
7、Paul Denlinger
They have a different culture than the West. We work on average 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (40 hour work week, paid for overtime pay if longer than 8 hours a day.. most get paid vacation pay and health benefits.. and this doesn''t apply to self employed or independent contractors really)..
In China, they just keep working and working until the job is done or until it gets too late in the evening and they have to go home and finish the next day.. actually, many Chinese people work 12 hours a day and 6 days a week which is crazy (72 hour work week)..
They also believe if they work hard, it means they are successful which is not always true. The bosses are usually very, very strict..
they use a “tiger parenting” technique which is what they use on their kids.. strict so that the child or employee can succeed.. however, this can be very defeating and degrading to the employee and may reduce moral and confidence.. and incite fear in the worker, making them work hard only because they''re afraid of getting fired and lose their job which they depend on..
So in my opinion, the industriousness of Chinese people is not very enviable. At least in my opinion, it's so pleasant to go fishing and barbecue by the lake in front of the door with your pet dog on the weekend. It's Norway's happiness!
8、Jona Arkenson
Ha ha ha ha, it is because of this idea that Norway will always be Norway, but not the United States or China!
Although it may be offensive, I must say that countries and people are the same, some have lofty aspirations, some are content with the status quo, and this difference determines whether they are followers or leaders, major countries or passers-by!
Obviously, like most countries, your "cozy Norway" will be a more easily forgotten passer-by, and you will not have a great impact on the progress of human civilization, while leading countries like the United States and China will continue to create miracles!
虽然,对于网友“Jona Arkenson”对于不同国家不同选择的情绪态度,老铁并不十分赞同,但是对于他评论中的某些思想,却表示相当的认可: