This morning, Hannah introduces western foods,British humour and basic phonics to Students. After lunch break, Hannah organizes games and help Students make up stories.早上,Hannah介绍了西方饮食,英式幽默和基础语音知识。午餐后,Hannah组织各种活动和游戏,并引导学生编写故事!

Hannah introduces Students to Mr. Bean, which turns out to be very popular with the kids.. 外教Hannah向孩子们介绍《憨豆先生》。

Games time. One student act in the front of the classroom and other Students guess the relevant words.游戏时间!一个同学在前面表演,其他同学猜相关词语!

Preparations for writing stories. 写故事前的准备工作!Hannah 要求孩子们构思故事中的人物,地点,时间和情节。

Students are putting down the imaginary characters, places, jobs for their stories on the blackboard. 孩子们在黑板上这下他们故事中的人物,地点和工作。

Presentation of the stories. 学生故事的呈现!

Star of the day. 今日之星!