The great house at Castle Hill, Ipswich

The great house at Castle Hill, Ipswich

Inside the Great House of Castle Hill

On the way to shopping, I saw a couple of people decorated the bench near a school in Lexington. I did a research and found there were riding courses in the Conservation land before 1980th.

I crossed street to the conservation land andtook the following two sunset photos.

I was wondering who put the outfit on the status in the Boston public garden.

On the way back from Acadia at the memory weekend, we stopped by head light house in Portland which would close in 13 minutes. I took following two photos.

On the way back from seminar in Faminghan, we stopped by Concord sns saw this guy play music on the bycle handfree. It was amazing.

This gentleman was promoting his book at book store in Burlington. Guess what? He is a fellow resident in our Lexington.

This little girl posted in Star War lego celebration in book store.

I was wondering if they lost valuable and asked. The answer was “no, just searching”.

Dancing in the Museum of Fine Art.