Species propagated by tissue culture in Guangdong Zhongke Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (GDZKA)


Guangdong Zhongke Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (GDZKA) is mainly engaged in research and development, production, marketing, base construction, technical training and technical services of medicinal plants, fruits and flower seedlings. The company's plant tissue culture facttory was founded in 1986 and is one of the earliest industrial bases for plant tissue culture in China.


GDZKA has successfully established tissue culture and rapid propagation system of following plant species:





龙血树(Dracaena angustifolia)


Dracaena angustifolia,alias: bleeding tree, blood-activating medicine, plant longevity,likes high temperature and humid environment, likes sunshine, but not cold tolerance. Dracaena angustifolia has been listed as a second-class rare and endangered protected plant by the state since 2001.

也门铁(Dracaena fragrans) 

百合科,龙血树属植物。又名香龙血树、巴西铁、千年木等,是龙舌兰科 常绿乔木,原产于几内亚,地栽植株有明显的主干和分枝,高可达20 m。也门铁雅气十足,深受人们喜爱,是布置宾馆、会议室、客厅等的优良观叶植物。

Dracaena fragrans, alias fragrant Dragon Blood Tree, Brazilian Iron, Millennium Tree, etc., is an evergreen tree of Agavenaceae, native to Guinea, with obvious trunk and branches, up to 20 m high. Dracaena fragrans is very elegant and loved by people. It is an excellent foliage plant for decorating hotels, conference rooms and living rooms.

芦荟(Aloe vera)

百合科芦荟属植物,多年生常绿草本。芦荟原产于地中海、非洲,因其易于栽种,为花叶兼备的观赏植物,颇受大众喜爱。据考证野生芦荟品种300多种,而可食用的品种只有六种,有药用价值的芦荟品种主要有:洋芦荟 ,库拉索芦荟,好望角芦荟,元江芦荟等。

Aloe vera, originated in Mediterranean and Africa, is popular as ornamental plant with both flowers and leaves because of its easy planting. It has more than 300 wild aloe varieties, but only six edible. The main medicinal aloe varieties are: Western, Hope Cape, Yuanjiang, etc.



绿帝王喜林芋(Philodendron cv. imperiai Green)


Philodendron cv. imperiai Green,also known as Green Emperor, Emperor, Cluster Leaf Campanula, Evergreen Wood Climbing Plants. It is a famous and excellent cultivar.

小天使(Philodendron cv.Xanadu)


Philodendron cv.Xanadu also known as Fairy feather vine green down, spring feather (Oredo vine green down, is a small perennial erect herb, its leaves are small and elegant, shape like the feathers of big birds, like half-shade and warm and humid environment, growth temperature in 20-30 degrees C, can endure low temperature of 5 degrees C for a short time, but winter can not be lower than 10 degrees C for a long time, plants are lush, green, strange leaf form, is the main indoor foliage viewing plant.

金钻蔓绿绒(Philodenron selloum Koch)

天南星科,喜林芋属植物。又名金钻,观叶植物,原产南美洲,为热带和亚热带常见观赏植物, 多年生常绿草本植物,其叶汁入口会中毒,根茎叶有毒。误碰或误食其汁液会引起咽部和口部不适,严重的还会窒息,导致心脏麻痹,甚至会发生死亡。皮肤接触其汁液会发生瘙痒或强烈刺激,眼睛接触汁液可引起严重的结膜炎、失明,有小孩的家庭不宜种植。

Philodenron selloum Koch, also known as golden drill, ornamental plant, native to South America, is a common tropical and subtropical ornamental plant, perennial evergreen herbs, its leaf juice entrance will be poisoned, root, stem and leaf toxic. Mistakenly touching or eating its juice can cause discomfort in the pharynx and mouth, severe asphyxia, cardiac paralysis and even death. Skin contact with its juice can cause itching or strong irritation. Eye contact with juice can cause severe conjunctivitis and blindness. Families with children are not suitable for planting.

红钻(philodendron x maianum)

天南星科,蔓绿绒属 ,多年生草本。学名红帝王蔓绿绒 植物别名:深红蔓绿绒,。室内盆栽观叶植物。它株形优美,叶片宽厚,朴素端庄,气势不俗,十分受人青睐;其耐阴性强,尤其适合布置于较大客厅、大堂、会议室等处。喜温暖湿润的环境,喜明亮的散射光。忌直射阳光。

philodendron x maianum, perennial herbs,indoor potted foliage plants. It is very popular because of its graceful plant shape, broad leaves, simple and dignified, and good momentum. Its shade resistance is strong, especially suitable for large living rooms, lobbies, conference rooms and other places. Like warm and humid environment, like bright scattering light. Avoid direct sunlight.

美叶观音莲(Aliocasia lowfi)


Aliocasia lowfi also known as black leaf Guanyin taro, Meiye taro, native to tropical Asia. It is a kind of indoor ornamental plant with high-grade and unique style. Its leaves are beautiful in shape, dark green and very attractive. Potted plants are suitable for decoration in living room, study or living room.

花烛(Anthurium andraeanum Linden)



Anthurium andraeanum Linden is a Perennial evergreen herb,with leaf petiole slender, flamelike flower bud flattened, leathery and waxy luster, orange or scarlet; spikes of yellow flesh.

Originated in tropical rainforest areas such as Costa. Anthurium andraeanum is often attached to trees, sometimes attached to rocks or directly growing on the ground, sexual preference warm, humid, semi-shady environment, avoid direct sunlight. The flower candles are exotic and beautiful. Flowering lasts for a long time, suitable for potted, cut flowers or garden shade Bush beautification.


天南星科,龟背竹属植物,约50种,分布于美洲热带地区,中国引入栽培有龟背竹(M. deliciosa Liebm. )1种,供观赏,北方冬天则须栽于温室。攀援灌木。花多而密。常用于盆栽观赏,点缀客室和窗台,较为普遍。除盆栽以外,也可种在廊架或建筑物旁,让龟背竹蔓生于棚架或贴生于墙壁,成为极好的垂直绿化材料。龟背竹繁殖容易,可用扦插和播种方法。

Araceae, about 50 species of Bambusa, distributed in tropical America. One species of M. deliciosa Liebm. was introduced and cultivated in China for ornamental purposes. In winter, it must be planted in greenhouses in the north. Climbing shrubs. Flowers are plentiful and dense. It is commonly used for potted ornamentation, decorating living rooms and sills. In addition to potted plants, it can also be planted near galleries or buildings, so that bamboo on the back of turtles can grow on scaffolds or adhere to walls and become excellent vertical greening materials. Cutting and sowing methods can be used to breed Bambusa tortoisensis.

白鹤芋(Spathiphyllum kochii Engl. & K.Krause)

天南星科,苞叶芋属植物,多年生草本,又名白掌。株高30厘米-40厘米,无茎或茎短小,叶长圆或近披针形,具明显的中脉和叶柄,深绿色。春夏开花,佛焰苞大而显著,高出叶面,白色或微绿色,肉穗花序乳黄色。 原产美洲热带地区,世界各地广泛栽培。白鹤芋开花时十分美丽,不开花时亦是优良的室内盆栽观叶植物。是新一代的室内盆栽花卉。白鹤芋可以过滤室内废气,对氨气、丙酮、苯和甲醛都有一定的清洁功效。还可以用作切花。

Spathiphyllum kochii Engl. & K. Krause is a taro plant, perennial herb, also known as whiite palm. Plant height 30 cm-40 cm, stemless or short stem, long or nearly lanceolate leaves, with obvious midrib and petiole, dark green. Flowering in spring and summer, the bud is large and prominent, higher than the leaf surface, white or slightly green, spikes of flesh are milky yellow. Originated in tropical America, it is widely cultivated all over the world. White Crane taro is very beautiful when it blossoms, and it is also an excellent indoor potted foliage plant when it does not blossom. It is a new generation of indoor potted flowers. White Crane taro can filter indoor exhaust gas and has certain cleaning effect on ammonia, acetone, benzene and formaldehyde. It can also be used for cutting flowers.

粗肋草(Aglanonema spp. )


Aglanonema spp.

Araceae, Stephania plants, alias: Guangdong evergreen, evergreen. Perennial herbs; stems erect, unbranched; leaves variable, from lanceolate, long elliptic to oval, on both sides of the middle rib. According to the monthly statistical report of Taiwan Customs, in 2001, Roughrib grass was the fifth largest export plant of Araceae, second only to vine velvet, dai-fen leaf, colored taro and flamingo, and also one of the top ten export-oriented foliage plants in Taiwan, showing its importance.

花叶万年青(Dieffenbachia picta Lodd. )


Dieffenbachia picta Lodd.

Araceae, evergreen mosaic. Also known as Dai Fen leaf, is an evergreen shrubby herb with strong and fleshy stems and a plant height of up to 1.5 meters. Like warm, humid and semi-shady environment. Not cold, afraid of drought. It is native to South America. Tropical cities in Guangdong and Fujian are widely cultivated in China.



黑金刚 (Ficus elastica Roxb. ex Hornem.)


Ficus elastica Roxb. ex Hornem.

Moraceae, Ficus, evergreen trees, can adapt to low temperature and light environment. Like water, but not waterproof, watering should follow the principle of "see dry and see wet". Fat and wet acidic soil is preferred.

红关公(Ficus elastica Roxb. ex Hornem.)


Ficus elastica Roxb. ex Hornem.

Mulberry, Ficus, is a variety of Hindu Rubber Ficus, with luxuriant and dignified tree shape. It is a well-known small potted ornamental plant with high ornamental value. It is very suitable for indoor decoration. Medium and small plants are often used to beautify the living room and study. Medium and large plants are suitable to be arranged on both sides of the lobby and in the center of the lobby of large buildings. They are magnificent and can reflect the tropical scenery.

富贵榕(Ficus elastica Roxb.‘Schryver iana)


Ficus elastica Roxb.'Schryver iana' is mainly produced in India and Malaysia. The whole trunk can reach 30 meters, and the tree body is rich in white liquid. Leaves are mottled, green and white, flowers in the distance and leaves in the near. Prefer warm, bright and humid environment. The suitable temperature for growth is 25-30 C, and the overwintering temperature should not be less than 5 C.



金线莲(Anoectochilus roxburghii (Wall.) Lindl)


Anoectochilus roxburghii (Wall.) , also known as golden thread, golden earrings, bird ginseng, golden thread and tiger-head banana, chrysanthemum grass, chrysanthemum. Not cold-resistant, it likes warm and humid. Anemone roxburghii whole herb can be used as medicine, its taste is flat and sweet. Anemone roxburghii also has the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, dispelling wind and dampness, detoxifying, relieving pain and relieving cough. It mainly treats hemoptysis, bronchitis, nephritis, cystitis, diabetes, hematuria, rheumatoid arthritis and tumors.

铁皮石斛(Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo)


Dendrobium officinale Kimura et Migo is among China's top ten immortals. Growing on semi-humid rocks in mountainous areas up to 1600 meters above sea level. They are mainly distributed in Anhui, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. Its stem is used as medicine, which belongs to Yin tonic in tonifying medicine,nourishing Yin and clearing heat,nourishing stomach and promoting fluid production

文心兰(Oncidium hybridum)


Oncidium hybridum

Also known as auspicious orchid, dancing orchid, dancing girl orchid, golden butterfly orchid, tumorous petal orchid, etc., leaves 1-3, can be divided into thin-leaf species, thick-leaf species and sword-leaf species. The generic name of Oncidium in Orchidaceae is as many as 750 species of native plants in the world. The commercial varieties are mostly hybrids. The plants are light and handsome, the stems are light and drooping, and the flowers are exotic and lovely, like flying golden butterflies. They are very dynamic. They are one of the most important potted and cut flowers in the world. It has a far-reaching story. It is said that when Song Meiling visited the White House, she fell in love with the flower at first sight and found that the petals resembled the word "lucky" in Chinese characters, implying good luck, so she was named "lucky orchid".

卡特兰(Cattleya hybrida)


Cattleya hybrida

It is a horticultural hybrid and one of the most famous orchids in the world. Pseudobulbs are rod-shaped or cylindrical, with 1-3 leaves at the top. The leaves are thick and hard with concave midribs. The single or several flowers, born on the top of pseudobulbs, are large and beautiful, with bright and rich color. Originated in tropical America, it is a national flower of Brazil, Colombia and other countries. There are more than thousands of varieties. The colours are white, yellow, green, red and purple. For reproduction, ramets, tissue culture or aseptic seeding are often used. It likes warmth, humidity and plenty of light. The plants are often potted with fern roots, moss or bark chips.


Plants of other families

椒草(Peperomia tetraphylla)


Peperomia tetraphylla

Pepper is a perennial herb of the genus Piper. The plant height ranges from 15 to 20 cm. No main stem. Spikes, gray-white. It can be used as a small potted plant.

竹芋(Maranta arundinacea L.)


Maranta arundinacea L.

Bamboo taro belongs to Bamboo taro family. Rhizome fleshy, spindle-shaped; stem 2-branched. Leaves thin, ovate or ovate lanceolate, green, apex acuminate, base rounded, abaxial glabrous or thin pubescent; occipital upper pubescent; sessile or short petiole; ligule rounded. Common cultivation in southern China. It is native to tropical America and widely planted in various tropics. The rhizome is rich in starch, which can be boiled or extracted for food or paste; medicinal has the effect of clearing the lung and diversifying water.

网纹草(Fittonia verschaffeltii (Lemaire) van Houtte)



Fittonia verschaffeltii (Lemaire) van Houtte

Acanthaceae, Reticula plants.

It is a new generation of small indoor shady foliage-viewing plants with short, creeping plants, small leaves and fine white or red reticulation on the leaf surface. It is very common in sills, balconies and living rooms in Europe and America, especially suitable for potted plants.

三角梅(Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd.)



Bougainvillea spectabilis Willd.

Purple Jasmine family. Leaf flowers are woody vine shrubs with curved spines and dense villi. Leaves alternate, ovate-entire, densely villous, apex obtuse. Flowers are very small, yellow-green, three gathered in three red bracts, the outer red bracts are large and beautiful, with bright red, orange, purple red, milky white and so on. They are mistaken for petals, because of their leaf-like shape, they are called leaf flowers. Flowering date can be from November to June of the following year. In winter and spring, the red and purple bracts show, giving people a bold, warm feeling, so it is also named He Chunhong.

Leaf flowers originated in Brazil, South America, and were cultivated in Europe only in the 1930s. Leaf flowers like warm, humid, sunny environment and are not cold-tolerant. In addition to open-field cultivation in southern China, potted and greenhouse cultivation is needed in other areas. Sandy loam with good drainage is the most suitable soil.



Ginger mosaic

Zingiberaceae, Zingiberaceae. Rhizomes, foliage plants, perennial evergreen herbs, white bracts, yellow edges, pink top and base, white corolla, flowering June-August, like high temperature and humid environment, not cold, snow, sunshine, and semi-shade. It is suitable for growing in fertile, loose and well drained sandy soil.


2. Fruits

粉蕉(Musa Paradisiaca)


Musa Paradisiaca

Also known as glutinous rice banana. After ripening, the skin is thin, light yellow or yellow, the meat is smooth, sweet and fragrant. Generally, the plant yield is 10-20 kg, the wind resistance is poor, cold resistance, bundle top disease and leaf spot disease are strong.

芭蕉(Musa basjoo Siebold)


植株高2.5-4米。叶片长圆形,先端钝,基部圆形或不对称,叶面鲜绿色,有光泽;叶柄粗壮,长达30 厘米。花序顶生,下垂;苞片红褐色或紫色;雄花生于花序上部,雌花生于花序下部;雌花在每一苞片内约10-16朵,排成2列;合生花被片长4-4.5厘米,离生花被片几与合生花被片等长,顶端具小尖头。浆果三棱状,长圆形,长5-7厘米,肉质,内具多数种子。种子黑色,具疣突及不规则棱角,宽6-8毫米。

Musa basjoo Siebold

It is a perennial herb originating in the Ryukyu Islands. It can be cultivated in open field to the south of Huaihe River in Qinling Mountains, China, mostly near gardens and farmhouses.

The plant height is 2.5-4 meters. Leaf blade oblong, apex obtuse, base round or asymmetrical, leaf surface bright green, lustrous; petiole strong, up to 30 cm. Inflorescences terminal, drooping; bracts reddish-brown or purple; male peanuts in the upper part of inflorescence, female peanuts in the lower part of inflorescence; female flowers in each bract about 10-16, arranged in two rows; connate perianth segments 4-4.5 cm long, free perianth slices and connate perianth slices almost equal length, apex with a small tip. Berry triangular, oblong, 5-7 cm long, fleshy, with most seeds. Seeds black, warty and irregular angular, 6-8 mm wide.

香蕉(Musa nana Lour.)

芭蕉科芭蕉属植物,又指其果实。热带地区广泛栽培食用。香蕉味香、富含营养,终年可收获,在温带地区也很受重视。植株为大型草本,从根状茎发出,由叶鞘下部形成高3~6公尺(10~20尺)的假杆;叶长圆形至椭圆形,有的长达3~3.5公尺(10~11.5尺),宽65公分(26寸),10~20枚簇生茎顶。穗状花序下垂 ,由假杆顶端抽出,花多数,淡黄色;果序弯垂,结果10~20串,约50~150个。植株结果后枯死,由根状茎长出的吸根继续繁殖,每一根株可活多年。

Banana (Musa Nana Lour.) is widely cultivated and edible in tropical areas. Bananas are fragrant, nutritious and harvestable all year round. They are also valued in temperate regions. The plant is a large herbaceous plant, which emerges from the rhizome and forms a pseudopole 3-6 meters (10-20 feet) high from the lower part of the leaf sheath; the leaves are oblong to elliptic, some are 3-3.5 meters (10-11.5 feet) long, 65 cm (26 inches) wide, and 10-20 cluster stem apices. Spikelike inflorescences drooping, pulled out from the top of the prosthetic pole, mostly with pale yellow flowers; inflorescences drooping, resulting in 10-20 clusters, about 50-150. The plant withered after bearing, and the roots from the rhizomes continued to propagate. Each plant could live for many years.


3.Medicinal herbs

青蒿(Artemisia carvifolia)


Artemisia carvifolia

Artemisia in Compositae. Annual herbs. Stems erect, upper branched, longitudinally ridged. Leaves alternate, leaves in the middle of the stem bipinnate, linear lobes. Summer flowering, capitate hemispherical, mostly conical, tubular flowers, female flowers outside, bisexual flowers in the inner layer.

牛大力 (Millettia specisoa Champ)


Millettia specisoa Champ

Leguminous plants. Alias pig's feet Li, golden bell root, lotus root, inverted golden bell, big power potato. It is a kind of medicinal material.

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