Jinan Environmental Protection Bureau is mainly in charge of environmental protection issues in Jinan City, Shandong Province.

Its main functions are including: to implement the guideline, policy, law, provision and regulation; to draw out the provision and regulation on pollution control of air, water system, soil, noise, solid waste, hazard chemicals and vehicles, etc.; to organize and formulate the building plan of important ecological function conservation area; to be in charge of drawing out and organizing the implementation of policy and plan on pollution control and prevention technology of Jinan; to be responsible for the approval of impact assessment file of construction project; to organize and develop activities of environmental scientific research and science and technology innovation of environmental protection; to take charge of work such as environmental monitoring, statistics, information collection; to carry out the exchange and cooperation on international environmental protection, etc.






Geographical Location

Jinan city, also named Spring city, is the provincial capital of the big economic province of China’s eastern coastal-Shandong province, also the political center, economic center, cultural center, science and technology center, education center, and financial center of Shandong. It is national sub-provincial city and coastal open city.

Jinan is next to Mount Tai in south, to Yellow River in north. Its total area is 8177 square kilometers.