I've gotta reach you 我必须要找到你

I've gotta see you 我必须要见到你 Let the light shine down on me 在黎明破晓之际

When the day breaks 就让阳光倾洒在我身上 And the sky is changing colors 天空变幻着它的颜色 Into something new I wanna see it with you 变成全新的风景 我想与你一同见证

Sunrise 日出时分 When the world is brand new 这个世界焕然一新 I wanna see it with you 我想与你一同见证

You are the only one in this world for me 在这个世界上 你就是我的唯一 Yesterday was long ago as soon as it'll be 时光飞逝 昨日恍如隔世

Sunrise 日出时分 I wanna see you again 我想再见你一面 Promise that you always stay 答应我 你会一直在我身边

Just because everything's changing 万物瞬息变换 Doesn't mean it's never been this way before 过去的却不会消散