🔹12.1.2018 Time Flies (光阴似箭)

Today I get to sit in the passenger seat so I’m able to raise my phone to shoot photos as I please. While passing through the woods, the dancing tree leaves quickly disappeared in front of my eyes, just like the fast passing of time.


🔹12.2.2018 Season’s Greeting (假日的问候)

Every December, Washington DC's US Botanic Garden has a holiday exhibition. U.S. major landmark train stations are this year's theme. Small model trains take you through cities and villages. All the model buildings are made of natural plants. The exhibition attracts a large crowd of visitors, they lined up and waited for about 30 minutes to get in.


🔹12.3.2018 Christmas Gifts (圣诞礼物)

Christmas is coming, and everyone is busy shopping for gifts. Such a beautiful package must be a favorite for everyone.


🔹12.4.2018 Trees In Winter (冬天的树)

During the winter, trees have a special attraction. Without the leaves, what you see is its most real aspect. Whenever I see a tree with a beautiful shape, I always want to photograph it. This is a crape myrtle tree, it has a smooth trunk and numerous branches, very evenly distributed, a tree full of beauty, standing in the middle of the picture .


🔹12.5.2018 Flattened Autumn Leaves (压平的秋叶)

The flattened autumn leaves lost their moisture and lustre, this is what they look like after being flattened out in a book for a month. I remembered that when my children were young, we used to do art projects with leaves in various colors and shapes. I hadn't picked any leaves for a long time. I am glad that I collected some of this year’s fall leaves, currently all the trees outside are bare.


🔹12.6.2018 Enjoy Flowers In Winter (冬日赏花)

Most of the flowers outdoors have withered. To appreciate the beautiful flowers, you must go to a florist or supermarket where the varieties change with the seasons. This is one with a Christmas theme.


🔹12.7.2018 Going Home (回家路上)

On my way home today, I saw a colorful sky. I did a closeup shot which looked like a watercolor painting.


🔹12.8.2018 The Beauty of Frost (霜冻之美)

When the air temperatures drop, you’ll see wonderful patterns of ice crystals forming on the windshields of cars or glass in the early morning, they melt quickly after sunrise.


🔹12.9.2018 Milkweed (乳草)

These milkweeds are scattered in the fields. I like the soft feel and bright white color, offset by the brown background of late autumn.


🔹12.10.2018 Sunny Day (充满阳光的一天)

Sunny days are my favorite. When I took a walk at noon, I saw that the sky was so blue. Although the air temperature is somewhat low, it gave me such a warm feeling when I walked in the sunlight.


🔹12.11.2018 It’s Cold Outside (外面有些冷)

When I leave the house every morning, I see the heavenly bamboo bushes in the yard. During late autumn the leaves show a variety of colors. On rainy days, the shimmering water droplets stay on the leaves. Today I saw some frost, it looks as if snow flakes had just landed there, that tells me that the weather outside is very cold.


🔹12.12.2018 Sunrise In Rearview Mirror (后视镜里的日出)

People used to say that we were walking towards the sun, but my daily routine was going westward, the sun is shining behind me. It makes me feel as if I was being pushed by the sun. The sunrise always appeared in my rear view mirror. 


🔹12.13.2018 I Spy (我侦探)

There is a squirrel in today’s photo. It is hidden among the fall leaves, in order to see it, you must search for it. That reminds me of the book "I Spy", which is a colorful book full of patterns and objects, it challenges you to find hidden objects.

今天这张照片里有一只松鼠, 它隐藏在落叶中,需要寻找才能发现,这让我想起了"我侦探"这本书,那是一本色彩丰富,画满了各种物件和图案的书,它挑战你找出隐藏在内的物件。

🔹12.14.2018 Little Shop In The Rain (雨中小店)

A rainy night, I saw lights in the shop, and there were bright colors through the glass. Although this was not a Christmas shop, it gave me a similar feeling.


🔹12.15.2018 A Raining Day (下雨天) 

The weather forecast said that the rain will continue throughout the weekend, and the ground outside is covered with wet oak leaves. Although it's raining, I can't resist the idea of going out shooting photos. Wearing rain boots and carrying a cell phone, I went out the door with an umbrella in hand.


🔹12.16.2018 A Jigsaw Puzzle (拼图)

This is the puzzle that my mother is working on. Mother likes to spend her time with a jigsaw puzzle. She prefers ones that are a little more challenging, such as a 1,000-piece puzzle. Playing with Jigsaw puzzles is a great hobby. It exercises the mind, strengthens memory, eliminates loneliness, and there's a sense of great satisfaction when completing a picture.


🔹12.17.2018 The World in Reflection (倒影里的世界)

Walking by the water’s edge today, I saw a reflection of a house on the shore in the floating water. I shoot several pictures without hesitation. The world in the reflection was full of mystery. The lines in the water move with the wind. Each second creates a new picture. There are circles, irregular shapes, dark and light shades of color, it looks like a random free flowing doodle or abstract painting. 


🔹12.18.2018 Evergreen (常青树)

The trees outside were bare except for the evergreen pine trees. Walking through the open field, I saw the evergreens lined up in a row, and I photographed them with the slow shutter mode, under the blue sky and white clouds. Such a beautiful picture.


🔹12.19.2018 Fall Leaves (秋叶)

Virginia is heavily wooded, it has lots of green spaces, with fall leaves on the ground, forming a thick layer. Today I saw workers outside the office building using leaf blowers to pile leaves together to clean up the space in front of the building.


🔹12.20.2018 A Little Something (小小的心意)

Every Christmas, outdoor decorations and lights fill the air with a holiday atmosphere. Small gifts, such as a few pieces of chocolate or homemade cookies, are exchanged between colleagues. Although they are insignificant little things, it’s the thought that counts, it adds to the friendship between colleagues.


🔹12.21.2018 The Force Of Nature (大自然的力量)

Today I have a chance to visit the shops near the new metro station. Set against the blue sky, white clouds and a modern building, there stands a cast bronze sculpture, it attracts my attention. Although I didn't have much time to stay, I still snapped a few pictures. The sculpture depicts the power of nature, forceful and furious. I plan to go back for more pictures with better angles.


🔹12.22.2018 Last Minute Shopping (最后的冲刺)

The last weekend before Christmas is the most crowded time at the shopping mall. For those who haven't yet bought a Christmas present, they are rushing to get all the presents, people call it Last Minute Shopping. I also went to the mall but it was not as crowded as I expected, it just took me a long time to find a parking space.


🔹12.23.2018 Christmas Colors (圣诞节的色彩)

The colors of Christmas are red and green. Besides the red Christmas flowers, people sprinkle the white chrysanthemums with red and green. They look very special and very beautiful.


🔹12.24.2018 Empty Roads (无人的街)

It's still a workday today, but at the morning rush hour, streets are empty, Most people are already on holiday for Christmas and the New Year. The roads are so clear these days, and this is the only time of the year that we can enjoy the quiet rush hours.


🔹12.25.2018 Christmas Day (圣诞日)

On Christmas Day, I was busy preparing food for a Christmas family dinner. As it so happened, my meipian "Review of 2018: The Stories Behind the 2000 Photos" was chosen as the featured article. With the congratulations of many friends on Meipian, I am so delighted. Photographing & producing bring me so much joy!


🔹12.26.2018 Winter Plants (冬日植物)

Lately, I don’t have as much time to take pictures of winter plants with my camera. I saw some unknown plants on the road and wanted to take a few high key photos by using the light of the sunset. Most of the photos are not edited this month. Directly from my phone to Meipian. This one is no exception. 


🔹12.27.2018 Flowers Are Always Good Idea (有花总是好的)

Christmas is over, with a little bit of free time, I am going back to play with the double exposure on my photos. Using the vase full of flowers on the table as a base, I start to stack it with other photos. The process sometimes goes smoothly. Sometimes it could take a long time. Today, it takes only a few minutes to finish this one.


🔹12.28.2018 Like An Ocean Wave (如海浪般)

It’s raining again today, I captured this raining scene through the glass. It was an office building with blue glass and white walls. The raindrops have changed it into waves in the ocean. Life is like an ocean wave, it has its ups and downs, when you get through the difficult times, when the weather clears up, everything will become better.


🔹12.29.2018 From The Mini Studio (来自迷你工作室)

Today I got a chance to try out the gift I recieved from my son. It was a mini photography studio, it came with a white photo shooting tent, 2 table top LED lights, a mini tripod, a cellphone clip holder and different color backdrops. I used my jade earrings to try it out, it turned out pretty nice, it’s just the 1st try, I am sure I will use it more often later.


🔹12.30.2018 Under The Holly Tree (冬青树下)

Under a huge holly tree, I looked up at the red berries above, thinking about how beautiful the picture would be if there was snow, but the temperature has gone up and there is no winter feel in recent days. I don't want to just casually take a shot, so I start to spin my phone and try to take a picture with special effects.


🔹12.31.2018 A Red Carnation (红色康乃馨)

We are at the end of the year,  the new year is around the corner. I took a red carnation from my vase and then shot a photo of it against the white wall. This is the last photo for my one photo a day project for the year. I want to use this beautiful flower to thank you all for your constant support and encouragement. I wish you all a Happy New Year and all the best in 2019!



器材: iPhone 7 Plus


365 Project 已经圆满成功!能够顺利完成这个今年初给自己的挑战,我很欣喜,为自己的坚持而感到骄傲。因为热爱拍摄而开始的这个挑战,让我得到了很多没有想到的喜悦,它给我机会练习中英文的写作,提高了我的摄技。在制作过程中,常常会上网查资料,因而学到了不少花草树木和大自然景观的知识。这里呈现的是365张照片,毎一天用手机拍摄而成,其实我手机里的照片数量远远超过了这个数字,至今用手机随拍已经变得十分自然,对新鲜事物,特别感兴趣的东西,必然用手机去记录,新的想法,念头常常在不经意间出现,不断的拍摄和练习,辛苦但乐在其中。



Spend the day appreciating every little thing that comes your way, 

and you'll end the day feeling deeply grateful for your life







You don't always need a plan

Sometimes you just need to 

breathe, trust

let go and see what happens







When You Love What You Have 

You Have Everything You Need





The most beautiful way to start and end the day 

is with a grateful heart





Enjoy life

It's a gift

Unwrap it with gratitude and love






Among the things you can give 

and still keep 

are your word

a smile

and a grateful heart









A simple 'thank you' 

has magic 

it warms the heart

and creates a moment of connection 

and peace between two people








If you tell the truth

you don't have to remember anything 





Be open to change

you never know 

just how beautiful it can be








Doing what you like is freedom

Liking what you do is happiness





Be kind, Work hard

Stay humble, Smile often

Be honest

Travel when possible

 Never stop learning

Be thankful always








The best time for new beginnings is now