Days in the sun 在我生命刚开始的日子里 When my life has barely began 阳光璀璨而明亮

Not until my whole life is done 不像现在这样 仿佛整个生命都已沦陷 Will I ever leave you 我亲爱的人 Will I tremble again 我是否应该离开你

To my dear ones 是否让这颗心再次战栗 Or just refrain 或者我只需 克制自己

Will you now forever remain 你是否要永远 Out of reach of my arms 脱离我的怀抱

Days in the sun will return 那些阳光明媚的日子终会归来 We must believe as others do 我们必须像其他人一样充满信心

All those days in the sun 所有那些阳光明媚的日子 What I'd give to relive just one 只要能回去一天 我宁愿付出一切

Undo what's done 去阻止曾经犯下的错误 And bring back the light 让阳光再次照亮我的世界

Oh I could sing 这些黑暗的时光 让我无比痛楚 Of the pain these dark days bring 但我仍然可以放声高歌

I was innocent and certain 曾经我幼稚无知 但却执着坚定 Now I'm wiser but unsure 如今已洞明世事 却不知应去向何方

I can't go back in to my childhood 我已无法回到那童年时光 I can feel a change in me 我能感受得到 身体在变化

That days in the sun 终有一天 灿烂的阳光 Will come shinning through 会照亮每一个角落