Spain and Portugal in Three Weeks

Spain has the second-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites after Italy and the largest number of World Heritage Cities.


The city of Antonio Gaudi's miracle, unrestrained architecture, the energetic culture and the excited sleepless nightlife !

Barcelona Cathedral

Casa Batllo

It reflects Antonio Gaudi's playful and peculiar and dreamy style. The exterior walls are all decorated with blue and green ceramics, which look like the palette of Impressionist painters.

Casa Mila

The entire house designed by Antonio Gaudi is softly wavy and has no straight lines, as Gaudi said, “The line belongs to humans, and the curve belongs to God”. There is no load-bearing wall in the unique structural design.

Arched support structure of the basement of the Mila House.

Palau de la Música Catalana

UNESCO, Flamenco show .

Segrada Familia

UNESCO, the best masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi. The church was built in 1882 and has been built for 134 years. Still under construction, will be completed in 2026.

As the famous sightseeing spot of Barcelona, the Sagrada Família is crowded with people every day. Book tickets in advance

The interior design of the church is amazing. The sun shines through the stained-glass s into the church, and the whole church shines instantly, showing a beautiful dream. So choose the sunny day to visit..

Plaçad' Espanya and Magic Fountain

Museu d'Art de Catalunya MNAC - Barcelona Museum of Modern Art

Madrid, Palacio Real

Museo Nacional del Prado

Puerta del Sol, famous square in Madrid

Ham store

Any ham store like a ham museum. There were rows of various hams hanging on the ceiling and the walls. Spanish ham is famous in the world and one of the most representative cuisines in Spain. I like it very much. Salty and tastes. Don't miss it.

Madrid's unparalleled nightlife. The restraunt at 11pm.

Plaza de Cibeles square night view


If only one city to go in Spain, many people will choose Seville.

Metropol Parasol, known locally as las setas (the mushrooms)

The German architect, Jürgen Mayer-Hermann, has designed this 30m high mushrooms that are the largest wooden structure in the world.

Seville’s Cathedral

The largest Gothic cathedral in the world. The size, beauty and magnificence make this cathedral become one of the most visited in the world.

Let Plaza de España

The unique style and the magic atmosphere make Plaza de España an incredible attraction!

Spain has a Spanish square in almost every city, but this one is the most beautiful and famous.

The square has both European Gothic spires and Seville's Moorish style.

Seville Real Alcazar

One of the oldest palaces still in use in Europe. It is a perfect example of the mix of cultures of this city.

The palace was originally a Moorish castle, and later blended with Islamic and Christian styles, which is very representative of the architectural style of Andalusia.

Seville Bullring

It is the oldest and most traditional bullring in Spain. Although bullfighting has been banned, the bullring with more than 12,000 seats has become a museum.


Isabel Bridge


This ancient city has European, African style and also Arabian style.

Granada has the world famous Alhambra.

The Alhambra was once an ancient mosque - palace - a complex of castles. It is now a museum of Muslim architecture and culture.


Palacio de los Leones. The entire Alhambra Palace takes the Islamic style to its fullest which is unbelievably beautiful.

Patio de los Arrayanes

Albaycin District

The walls and pavements of the cobblestone art of the Albaycin area, clean and narrow streets, plus all-white houses, are very tasteful and indeed like walking in another world.

Albaycin District

It is an ancient Arab district with Arabian style is blowing.

"White villege"?


One of the major cities in Islam until the beginning of the 11th century. Now it she has many unforgettable architectural sites in the old town.

Grand Mosque (Mezquita)

Originally a Catholic church, the Moorish king turned it into a mosque, and later the mosque was converted into a Catholic church.


want back to 18

Puerta del Puente

The historical center of Cordoba, a World Heritage Site.

Calleja de las Flores is the most popular tourist street in Cordoba. The narrow alleys of different styles, the wall-filled flowers and plants, will keep you entertained.


It is an ancient city that still retains the medi style and was the capital of the Spanish Empire in the 16th century.

Alcantara Bridge

It is one of the entrances to the city of Toledo. Walking down the slopes along the ancient steps is a good photo spot for the ancient city.


The striking building that blends Moorish and Christian styles.


It is said to be the oldest synagogue in Spain and was designed by Islamic architects for the Jewish community. In the architectural aspect there is a distinct Moorish style with white columns and arches.

The streets are paved with stones or bricks, curved and narrow.

Never tired when lost in such elegant street

Toledo cathedral

The exterior of the Cathedral of Toledo is beautiful and magnificent, and the interior is also very impressive. There are 88 pillars with 72 vaults, and the wide lens is difficult to enclose its spectacular and shocking look.

Toledo is also a paradise for swords, armor and historical weapon fans. The knife and gun are tradable.

Castle of Segovia (Alcazar)

The history of more than 1,000 years. The former residence of the king and queen.

Segovia Aquaduct

The huge Roman waterway built in the 1st century AD, was built to bring water from the nearby Guadalama Mountains into town.

UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The photo only represent part of miracle.

Segovia Cathedral

The last Gothic cathedral in Spain. The main tower is surrounded by many small spires

Cochinillo asado is a speciality of Segovia.


A coastal and beautiful city in Portugal

Porto old town.

My faveroute photo spot at waterfront of Bairro da Ribeira

Luis I Bridge

Walk along Luis I Bridge will gives you the best views over both sides of Porto and down the Duoro River.

night life

Narrow stairs down to the Duoro River.

Livraria Lello


Historic train station

Old town in Porto.

Dr. Schmitt invited us to have special Porto's fish dinner, so yummy.


A resort town near Lisbon. A longtime royal summer sanctuary with pastel-colored villas and palaces. The Moorish- and Manueline-style Sintra National Palace is distinguished.

Pena Palace

Moorish Castle

Walking the walls of the Castle of the Moors is really amazing.

Cabo da Roca

A cape which forms the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal, continental Europe and the Eurasian land mass.


Capital of Portugal

Belém Tower

A a fortified tower and also is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the significant role it played in the Portuguese maritime discoveries of the era of the Age of Discoveries.

Jerónimos Monastery

Rua Augusta Arch


The oldest district of Lisbon.

Old train is still the major public transportation in the Alfama.

Walking street

Some residents area in Alfama

Beach side walk in Lisbon

Travel tips in Spain and Portugal:

• do your homework before you go

• Pre-booking tickets for popular attractions such as Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Alhambra, etc.

• Domestic high-speed rail and air tickets are cheaper if booking earlier

• Restaurants, hotels, must see and photo spots can be pre-set on Google Maps

• Bring some cash, try not to use a credit card in a small place to avoid trouble.

• Public transportation are very convenient and cheap. Car rent is not a wise choice unless you are going to explore the remote area.