🔹9.1.2018 Raindrops on Petunia (雨滴牵牛花)
Flowers with raindrops always look so beautiful, this pale blue petunia has many raindrops on one side, but not the other, its because there were two flowers stuck together, after being separated it looked like this. 带着雨滴的花总是特别漂亮,这朵浅蓝色的牵牛花上一半有雨滴,一半几乎没有,那是因为原先是二朵花儿紧贴在一起,分开之后就呈现出这个样子。

🔹9.2.2018 Diamond Shaped Staircase (钻石形的楼梯)

The staircases with glass guardrails in The National Gallery of Art was designed by famous architect I.M.Pei, from the top looking down, it’s the shape of a diamond, I tried to choose the best angle by moving around, and noticed that with each move I make, I will get a totally different image, it has endless possibilities, this staircase itself is a work of art.


🔹9.3.2018 Wheel Of Flowers (花轮)

There are different ways to photograph the flowers, sometimes using micro lens, sometimes using close ups, when you use a cell phone camera, you can also use a spinning method which I tried on a group of zinnias, with white and pink colors, I try to spinning out a wheel.


🔹9.4.2018 My First Meipian Book (我的第一本美篇书)
Today I received my first Meipian book, although its a thin book, to me it wasn't easy to make. I've always wanted a book of my own, but living overseas made it difficult, I don't have a WeChat payment account, but recently, I realized I could pay for it with the Meipian money (thanks to all the friends that have rewarded money to me), I immediately ordered a trial version of it. The mailing address must be domestic, so I asked my cousin to receive it and then asked her to mail it to me. After all that, I finally received it today. I was very happy. The printing quality exceeded my expectations. 今天我收到了我的第一本美篇书,虽然是一本薄薄的书,但是对我来说来之不易,一直想要一本自己的美篇书,可是身在海外增加了困难,没有微信支付帐号,直到最近发现可以用美篇赏钱来支付 (感谢所有曾经给过我赏钱的朋友们),立即预订了一本体验版的,但邮寄地址必须是国内的,因此托表姐收件,然后麻烦表姐再邮寄给我,辗转之后终于如愿,令我十分开心,书的印刷质量超过了我的预期。

🔹9.5.2018 Piano Keys (钢琴键)
Walking through the mall, I was leisurely taking photos, when reviewing I discovered that near the escalator, there appears to be a piano keyboard with shining black-and-white keys. What an interesting coincidence. 走过商场,随手拍摄,回看时,发现这张在电动扶梯边上拍的照片,左边似乎是一个钢琴键盘,黑白相间,闪闪发光,很有趣的巧合。

🔹9.6.2018 Like A River Run Through (像一条河流过)

The colorful clouds around sunset time are pretty, the shapes are even more beautiful. It is like a winding river going through a valley, like a ribbon, which has been waved by an invisible hand.


🔹9.7.2018 Still Life (静物)
I saw this quote on the Internet and liked it very much, I want to share it with you: “But in a still life, there is no end to our looking, which has become allied with the gaze of the painter; we look in and in, to the world of things, in their ambiance of cool or warm light, in and in, as long as we can stand to look, as long as we take pleasure in looking. - Mark Doty


🔹9.8.2018 Against The Wall (靠着墙)
It is a sunflower blooming in September against the brick wall, nodding its head towards the sun, I like the yellow orange colors, they are the typical autumn colors, I have turned it 90 degrees to make this photo look more interesting. 这是一棵盛开在九月里的向日葵,紧靠着砖墙,面朝阳光,我喜欢它的橙黄色,典型的秋天色彩,我把照片旋转90度,把它变得比较有趣。

🔹9.9.2018 Pouring Rain (倾盆大雨)
Usually I don't mind taking photos in the rain, this afternoon I took my camera with me and drove to the park. It was raining a little, I was hoping it would stop soon, but as it turned out, the rain was getting more severe. In the parking lot outside the park, I photographed this tree in the pouring rain. 通常我不介意在下雨的时候去拍摄,今天下午我带着相机去公园,天上下着小雨,我希望一会儿雨就停了,但是事与愿违,雨越下越大,在公园门口的停车场里,拍下了这张风雨中的大树。

🔹9.10.2018 Paint My Leaves (为叶子涂上色彩)
The original color of the photo is light green and light yellow, but after using an app called Watercolor Photo Editor, the leaves become colorful, you can use your imagination to make the picture as beautiful as you want. 这张照片的原色是浅绿和淡黄,用了水彩照片软件后,照片上的叶子变得多姿多彩,你可以用自己的想象力,把画面修成心中最美的样子。

🔹9.11.2018 Misty Morning (朦胧的早晨)
It’s another misty morning. I came to the pond and saw reflections of the calm trees in the water. If only there were some Canadian geese in the water, the picture would be much prettier. 又是一个朦胧的早晨,来到池塘边,看到倒影中的树木静静的在那里,心想如果雾中有几只加拿大鹅,画面会更美。

🔹9.12.2018 In The Bushes (草丛里)
Recently, I often saw butterflies while taking walks. They fly around in grassy areas, you just need a little bit of patience to capture a good shot. I especially like this butterfly with fully-spread wings. 近日里常常在散步时看到蝴蝶,它们在草丛里飞来飞去,想拍摄蝴蝶需要有点耐心,我喜欢这张完全张开翅膀的。

🔹9.13.2018 The Colored Grid (彩色格子)
Every time I see a colorful pattern, my eyes are naturally drawn to it. This is a periodic table of style rotations for stock, and analysis like this doesn't help me much. By looking at it, I can’t see a pattern or style that can be followed. I came to the conclusion that whether you are investing money or doing anything, you can't just pursue the greatest profit, choose to diversify to reduce the risk, that’s the right thing to do. 每当看到多彩的图案,我的目光很自然的会投向它,这是一个股票周期变换表,像这样的分析图对我来说并没有太多的帮助,看不出它的规律和模式,因而得出一个结论就是,无论投资还是做任何事情,不能一味的追求最大价值,需选择多样化,减低风险,才是最合适的。

🔹9.14.2018 Begonia (海棠花)

Outside my office building, a lot of begonias have been planted, they are spread out over a large area, every day I walk by them, thinking about how to get a better angle to take pictures, day after day, I couldn’t find a good angle. Today I decided to photograph it in the simplest way. The only two colors were d in the picture and I filled the whole screen with flowers, to show what the begonias looked like when they were in full bloom.


🔹9.15.2018 The Colorful Sky (多彩的天空)

Colorful skies cannot be seen every day, so each time I see it, It makes me excited, so I have to record it. Today the sky is very colorful at twilight, I took a few pictures with different perspectives, this is one of them.

多彩的天空不是每天都能看到,因此每一次看见都会令我兴奋,必须记录下,今天就是一个多彩的黄昏,用不同视角拍几张, 这是其中之一。

🔹9.16.2018 Duck And Reflection (鸭子和它的倒影)
Common ducks, accidentally stepped into the chinese ink painting today, the lake was quiet and deserted, only one duck stood alone by the water. I am ing on it, but I didn’t seem to scare it, the faded colors and reflections in the water reminded me of an ink painting. 常见的鸭子,今天偶然的走入水墨画中,湖边很安静,很冷清,只有这一只鸭子独自站立在水边,对着它拍照也没有把它吓跑,低沉的色彩和水中倒影,让我想到了水墨画。

🔹9.17.2018 A Net Of Crystals (一个水晶网)

Among the low grown bushes, I discovered this strange spider web, and what was peculiar about it was the large glassy, crystal drops of water that sparkled so vividly.


🔹9.18.2018 Natural (天然的画框)
When shooting flower photos, I seek a natural , if I see suitable ones, I don’t want to miss it. This gray wall and purple flower are good candidates, since there are no other random flowers or grass to get in their way, it looks nice and clean, forming a naturally d picture. 拍摄花朵的时候,我寻找天然画框,如果发现有合适的,一定不会错过,这一块灰色的墙,和紫色的花,就是很好的选择,因为没有其他杂乱的花草渗在其中,很自然的形成一幅天然的图画。

🔹9.19.2018 Amazing Little Flower (迷人的小花)

Do you ever wonder how these flowers can be so colorful and with so much detail in such a small space? Lantana is one of them, it is a very little flower but with multiple colors and delicate centers, they attract butterflies, can resist hot weather and drought, making them a perfect flower for the summer garden, they bring color and life to the garden.


🔹9.20.2018 When Summer Flower Meets Autumn Leaves (夏花遇上秋叶)
The daylily flowers in front of the house are still blooming, and the grass is already covered with falling leaves. When summer flowers meet autumn leaves, it’s a strange feeling. 家门口的萱草花还在盛开,草地上已经是落叶满地,当夏花遇上秋叶,别有一番滋味。

🔹9.21.2018 Today s Maple Leaf (今日枫叶)
It has been a long time since I’ve paid attention to my maple tree, I feel a little guilty. Today I want it be my center of attention, in this photo you will see the color of one leaf, it is also the color of the entire tree as of today, I am looking forward to seeing it slowly change into a bright red color in the coming weeks. 好久没有去关注我的枫树了,感觉有点愧疚, 今天我要让它做主角,图中的枫叶颜色,就是此刻枫树的色彩,期待着这几周里它慢慢变红。

🔹9.22.2018 Harvest Time (秋收时节)
These pumpkins represent the arrival of autumn. Each September, shops and nurseries all over the place will decorate their stores with colorful pumpkins. They are the color of a harvest season. 这些小南瓜,代表着秋天的到来,每年九月开始,各种花圃,店铺都会用颜色丰富的南瓜来装饰店面,它是丰收季节的色彩。

🔹9.23.2018 Pruple Heart (紫竹梅)

The purple heart plant has the same color as an eggplant, it is very easy to grow, also heat-resistant and drought tolerent, and if grown in direct sunlight, you will see deep purple colors. They will bloom light purple flowers and usually used as ground cover or flowerbed boarders. They add colors to the garden but by just glanceing at them, they don’t seem very beautiful. However if you look closely, the tiny flower is beautiful and delicate.


🔹9.24.2018 Raining Days And Mondays (下雨的星期一)
The continuous rainy days have been a bit annoying. Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is also a Monday and I need to go to work. Such a rainy day means that I will probably not see the full moon tonight. Autumn rain brings meloancholy feelings which reminds me of the old song "Rainys and Mondays" by Karen Carpenters. 连续不断的雨天,已经让人有点烦,今天是中秋节,也是星期一,我依然需要去上班,这样的雨天,估计今晚不会看到满月,秋雨带来莫名的忧伤,让我想起了那首歌凯伦卡本特唱的老歌"下雨的星期一"

🔹9.25.2018 Fall Is Here (秋天来了)

The walkway is full of fallen leaves, soaked by the rain, a desolate scene. It tells me that autumn has arrived, the continuous rainfall has made me feel a little sad. I look forward to the golden sunshine and colorful autumn leaves.


🔹9.26.2018 Painted Lady Butterfly(Vanessa Cardui) (小红蛱蝶)

Today, I got another snap shot of the butterfly. I was very happy. Recently, I’ve taken pictures of different kinds of butterflies many times, which has made me very interested in them. Browsing on the the Internet about their habits. This one has a beautiful name called Painted Lady. When it spreads its wings fully, you will see it’s mottled in brown, orange, black and white colors. It is a very common type of butterfly, you can see it in every region.

今天又拍到了一张花蝴蝶照片,非常开心,近日连续拍到不同种类的蝴蝶,让我对它们产生了巨大的兴趣,上网查看这些蝴蝶的习性,这只彩蝶有个很美的名字叫做"彩绘女士",当它完全展开翅膀,你看到的是班驳的橙色,黑色和白色,是一种很常见的蝴蝶, 遍布各地。

🔹9.27.2018 Wild Mashroom (野磨菇)

The frequent rain in recent days has made the ground saturated with water. The ground is covered with some wild mushrooms with different shapes and colors. The larger one here looked like a blooming flower.


🔹9.28.2018 The Sun Is Shining (太阳出来了)

The sun has been hiding from us for days, finally I see the bright sunshine again today. I'm in a good mood, taking pictures of a color changing maple tree. The afternoon sun makes it particularly bright.


🔹9.29.2018 Colorful Leaves (多彩的叶子)

Besides being fond of shooting maple leaves, I was interested in a variety of colorful leaves. I wanted to shoot a whole set of photos of them. Here are several different kinds of leaves, the color, texture, shape of these leaves look almost flawless, some perfect leaves.


🔹9.30.2018 Today’s Lotus Pond (今日荷塘)

The lotus pond during autumn should be full of wilted leaves and dead lotus heads, but in this small section of the pond, I see new light green leaves! It’s because the park management decided to uproot all the lotus flower roots and move them somewhere else early this year, resulting in no lotus flowers blooming in the summer in the park. I was very disappointed when I found out. Now, the new growths are coming back, it demonstrates how strong and lively these lotus flowers are. 秋天的荷塘,应该是残荷枯叶,但是这一小块的荷塘里,却有嫩叶生长,那是因为,今年初这个公园决定把池塘里的荷花全部清除,移至别处,夏天这里没有荷花盛开,令我很失望,而今天看见新叶,可见荷花生命力之顽強。

摄影/文字:霁平 器材: iPhone 7 Plus