<h3>Good morning , at 9:15 am. We are the lastest ones leaving the town. </h3> <h3>Camino touring </h3> <h3>Guided touring camino. Two guides, one is being with group, another one is seting up beautiful picnic ahead. 11 days, €3000 per person, all include. English tour. </h3><h3>有领队的朝圣之旅,两个导游,其中一个前面去做饭。10晚11天,每人3000欧元</h3> <h3>Beauful house along the Camino.</h3> <h3>After 15 km, getting tired, having a drink</h3> <h3>西红柿炒鸡蛋?</h3> <h3>Another pilgrim is having a nap on the shed.</h3><h3>大树底下好睡觉</h3> <h3>农耕</h3> <h3>人多</h3> <h3>今天我们独自住四室12张床,三个洗手间</h3> <h3>Yummy</h3> <h3>Heavy</h3> <h3>Tasty</h3>