🔸8.1.2018 Naked Lily (祼百合)🔸

A group of beautiful pink flowers have suddenly appeared on the side ramp that I drive by every day. Today I went around to have a good look. I found that the flowers looked and smelled like lilies, but there were no leaves on the straight stem, I didn’t recognize it so I checked it online and found out that they are called Amaryllis Belladonna. Naked lily is the common name.

每天开车经过的小斜坡上近日突然出现了漂亮的粉红色花朵,今日特意绕过去看个清楚,发现是一种我并不认识的花,花朵形状和香味,像极了百合花,但是笔直的枝杆上没有叶子,上网查了一下,原来这种花俗名叫做祼百合,真名 Amaryllis Belladonna。

🔸8.2.2018 Raindrops (雨滴)🔸

It’s raining, the summer plants are happy, watching the raindrops gently fall, it makes me feel great. The rain is graceful, rain is the sky descending upon the earth, without rain, there would be no life.


🔸8.3.2018 This Afternoon (今日黄昏时)🔸
The clouds in the sky are changing constantly. Late afternoon today, I saw a large cloud trying to cover the bright sunlight. Is it going to rain again? 天上的云千变万化,今日黄昏时,遇见一大片乌云试图遮掩明亮的阳光,又要下雨了吗?

🔸8.4.2018 A Visit To The Casino (赌场一游)🔸

Today was my first time visiting the MGM casino in Maryland, the entrance had a nice view of Washington DC, and it also has a timed water fountain show. I walked around the pool and I found a good angle of the two buildings pointing towards each other.


🔸8.5.2018 Closeup Butterfly (近拍花蝴蝶)🔸

While I was walking out of the park, with my camera back in my bag, I spotted this Monarch Butterfly, I used my phone to snap a few pictures immediately. It didn’t seem bothered by me, so I got closer and closer, I continued to track and take two more shots as it flew to the wall.

从公园里出来,相机已经收起,见到这只帝王蝴蝶, 我马上用手机拍,它似乎没有在意,我越凑越近拍了几张,当它飞到墙边,我继续追踪再拍二张。

🔸8.6.2018 A Big Sunflower (大向日葵)🔸

The big sunflower looked like it was smiling at me. So lovely. Under the strong light in the middle of the day, I tilted my phone towards the sky and photographed it.


🔸8.7.2018 Waiting (等待)🔸

While waiting for friends in a fairly empty restaurant, I looked around and found this view, the vases on the sill are bright spots, I have been practicing photo shooting daily, it’s like a second nature for me now to observe the surroundings, if I see something interesting that can be photographed, I don’t want to miss it.


🔸8.8.2018 By The Pond (池塘边)🔸
There are willow trees by the pond. Sometimes people sit under the tree, listen to the birds chirp, watch the little red fish swim in the water, and sometimes I see the Canadian geese swimming around, its a good place to relax. 池塘边柳树成荫,有时见人们坐在树下休息,听听鸟叫声,看看水中的小红鱼儿,有时还能看到加拿大鹅游来游去,一个休闲的好地方。

🔸8.9.2018 Red Table & Chair (红桌红椅子)🔸

The flowers on the back of the red chair caught my eye, and the outdoor tables and chairs were waiting for people to come. Such a design brought an easy and relax mood.


🔸8.10.2018 Home Is A Feeling (家是一种感觉)🔸
Walking past the shopping district, I see the printed sentence on the wall: Home is not just a place, home is a feeling. To me, home is a safe harbor, a place with love, a place with good memory, a place to laugh, and a place that gives your heart a warm feeling. 经过商场外,见墙上印有这句话:家不只是一个地方,家是一种感觉。对我来说,家是安全的港湾,是有爱的地方,是有美好记忆的地方,是有欢笑的地方,家就是有这种温馨感觉的地方。

🔸8.11.2018 Summer Backyard (夏日的后园)🔸

Going to my neighbor's backyard to shoot some blooming sunflowers, I see a cluster of bright yellow chrysanthemums in full bloom in the hot August air, they are bunched together randomly,but still look good.


🔸8.12.2018 Deer In The Front Yard (有鹿在前园)🔸

Driving down a winding road in the morning, I saw two deer in the front yard of someone's house. There happened to be a parking space along the roadside, I park the car and photograph the unusual scene from across the street.


🔸8.13.2018 Beautiful Creations (美的创造)🔸
While browsing on the internet, I happened to see a picture that looked like a computer generated graphic. It was so beautiful. When I looked it up, I found out that it was created by the app called Frax. By touching, sliding, rotating, and leaning with my finger, I marveled at the abundance of color and the clarity of the details, I tried and created this colorful, passionate burning fire.


🔸8.14.2018 Amberwing Dragonfly(琥珀翼小蜻蜓)🔸

It is never easy to photograph dragonflies, because they are very small and constantly flying. Today I spotted a tiny dragonfly with amber-colored wings. It was the first time I had seen such a dragonfly. It was perched on a withered flower by the water, I was afraid it would fly away, so I shot one photo in a hurry, and waited a moment for it to stop on a blossoming flower, to make the photo look more pretty, but it did not happen, the tiny one flew away.


🔸8.15.2018 Spinning Out Beauty (旋转出美丽)🔸

I’ve been standing on the deck for a while, felt a gust of wind blowing which let me smell the sweet fragrance of gardenia, by looking at it closely, it seems this flower is spinning out a beautiful shape from the center.


🔸8.16.2018 Together (在一起)🔸

At the supermarket flower section, I saw two Calla lilies close together, couldn’t help but take a quick snap of them, the light green color, very fresh feeling, the paired flowers always give me a very warm feeling.


🔸8.17.2018 Reflection (倒影)🔸

The waterfront always has its charm, when the colorful scene appears, it is the most joyful moment, there are three little canoes grouped together, the colors are beautiful, especially in the reflection.


🔸8.18.2018 Listen To The Books (听书)🔸

Have you ever tried listening to a book? I do it often, most of the time I listen to books in my car while driving, sometimes I read it after listening, sometimes listerning while reading, it seems more appealing to me when the words come with the voice, especially when it is read by a good voice, one can take you into the plot of the scene. Recently, I have finished listening to two volums of autobiographies by Mark Twain, who was one of America's greatest writers. In the book Twain recalled his interesting life experiences, life stories and philosophies in his own unique way, instead of writing in chronological order, he told the story in a natural way, with stories of each event as it came to his mind. His humor, his careful choice of words, and his wisdom in life, inspires lots of people.


🔸8.19.2018 Patunia (牵牛花)🔸
Today, I saw a pale blue morning petunia in my mother's garden. Usually, I see purple ones, this light color is very showy. The petals are paperlike and the middle dark color forms a five-pointed star. 今天在母亲的花园里看到了一朵浅蓝色的牵牛花,平时常见紫色牵牛花,这一朵浅色的就十分显眼,花瓣有纸质感,中间略深的颜色形成了一个五角星。

🔸8.20.2018 Autumn Sign (秋天的迹象)🔸
Just by looking at this photo, it seems that it is already autumn. In fact, the weather is still very hot, but the leaves on the trees are beginning to grow darker. From this angle, I can see the signs of autumn. Soon all the leaves will start to change color, I look forward to a colorful autumn garden. 单看这张照片,似乎已经是秋天,其实天气依然很热,只是树上的叶子开始变深,从这个视角我已看到秋天的迹象,很快各种树叶都会开始变色,期待着秋色满园。

🔸8.21.2018 Begonia (海棠花)🔸
The begonia flowers are small, but very bright colored, it has many different varieties and colors. This bright red one can often be seen in public places. It has a lasting blossom, is easy to take care of, and it likes partially shaded places. They add colors to a variety of corners.


🔸8.22.2018 Morning Light (晨光)🔸

The morning light shining through the tree leaves and onto the green grass. Not an unusual scene, quite common in fact, but each time it brings me joy, and makes me feel happy. I am grateful to be able to live in such an environment, breathing fresh air, watching the sun, moon, clouds and stars. Life here is unexciting, but peaceful, it makes me feel content.


🔸8.23.2018 Hostas (玉簪花)🔸

In August garden, the garden’s sweet scent comes from the hostas. It is the late bloomer of the summer, filled my garden with freshness, colors and fragrance. I like this perennial, which is also an easy to grow plant.


🔸8.24.2018 On The Way Home (回家路上)🔸
Today is Friday, after work I want to go home quickly, but the traffic on the road is not very smooth, the main road is jammed, so I turn to the sideroads, still moving very slow. 今天是星期五,下班了,很想快点回家,可是路上的交通似乎不是很顺畅,大路上堵车,转到小路,同样的行车缓慢。

🔸8.25.2018 Farmer’s Market (农副市场)🔸

Saturday morning, I went to the farmer's market, to buy some fresh fruits & vegetables. It’s peach harvest time, they are piled up like a small hill. I bought some home, they taste really sweet, juicy and delicious.


🔸8.26.2018 DC’s Waterfront (华盛顿DC的水边)🔸
Where is this place? If you look closely, you can see Washington's iconic landmark, the Washington Monument. Near the waterside at the southwest corner of DC, which has the long standing old fish market. After several years of development, many new buildings have been built along the waterfront, and many restaurants and shops have opened up to become attractive venues. I wandered around for a while and took a lot of photos here. 这是在哪里?仔细看,你能看到华盛顿的标志性建筑物-华盛顿纪念碑,这是在DC西南角的水边,那个具有较长历史的鱼市场周边,经过几年的发展,如今焕然一新,边上新建了许多建筑,也新开了许多餐馆和商店,变成了很具吸引力的场地,在此流连一阵拍下不少照片。

🔸8.27.2018 Beautiful Sunset (美丽的晚霞)🔸

As it was getting late at night, I was ready to close the curtains when I saw a bright red light outside. I hurried out the door and found the beautiful sunset colors, quickly captured it with my phone.


🔸8.28.2018 Little Souvenir (小纪念品)🔸
I have received a small souvenir from my colleague after she returned from traveling, a turquoise green hanging ornament: dream catcher, I like the color! It's a small ornament made of string or yarn that holds a circular mesh, feather, and beads together. It's said to bring good dreams to its owner. Originally made by Native Americans. 收到同事旅游归来送我的小纪念品,一个荷绿色的挂件:捕梦者,我喜欢的颜色!这是一个用绳子或纱线编织成一个圆形的网,再用珠子和羽毛串连起来的小饰物,据说可以给主人带来美好的梦想,最初由美国印第安人制作。

🔸8.29.2018 Spinning Red Leaves (旋转红叶)🔸

It has been a long time since I took a photo by spinning the cell phone. Today, I thought of using my phone to take some spinning photos. Fousing on the red leaves, I spun the phone around and around again, trying to get a picture that satisfies me. I concluded that I had about 30% chance to get a good spinning photo.


🔸8.30.2018 Playing With Chess (玩棋子)🔸
There are huge chess pieces out there for children to play with. It looks big, but made of very light materials, and can be easily moved by a child. Such games can let a kid spend time outdoors, its much better than holding a tablet or a mobile phone to play games all day long. 户外有巨大的国际象棋让孩子们玩,看上去很大,但用了很轻的材料制成,小孩子轻易就能搬动它,这样的游戏可以让孩子们在户外消磨许多时间,比整天手拿平板小电脑,或手机玩游戏好多了。

🔸8.31.2018 In The Garden (公园里)🔸

I went to my favorite garden this afternoon. It was still very hot in the strong sunlight. Some flowers are blooming, also there are many butterflies flying around. The sky was getting darker in the distance, and it looked like a thunderstorm was approching. I stopped to look at the shimmering water, calm lake, and all the green trees facing the sparkling waves. Such a picturesque view. I have photographed it many times, and still like it very much!


摄影/文字:霁平 器材: iPhone 7 Plus