<h3>Patrick, Ming, Cody and Marche took a two weeks internship with Rural &amp; Environment Agency, Ministry of Agriculture.</h3> <h3>Patric presented his research on organic food. He introduced the concept of organic food in the US and the important of organic food and its impact on the environment. Excellent job!</h3> <h3>Cody presented his research on environmental policy in China and the US. Bravo!</h3> <h3>Marche shared her experience in student clubs on campus. She did a lovely presentation!</h3> <h3>Ming introduced American culture to Her Beijing colleagues. Wonderful work!</h3> <h3>Pictures with local advisors for the internship in Beijing. Dr. Guan, Lynn, and Cheng Yu, junking, Mr. yang, and so many other advisors. Thanks for your accompany and guidance. They learned so much from you!</h3> <h3>Mr. Gao presented the students the certificates for completing the internship program.</h3> <h3>Fun moments in spare time during the internship in Beijing. Thanks to Mr. Gao and Mr. Wang. The organization and plan for the program is above and beyond my expectations! Thanks is not enough to express our appreciation!!!</h3> <h3>Victoria, Brianna, Bri, Morgan, and Alexi did their internship in Xi’an. Brianna talked about movie industry in the US.</h3> <h3>Brianna presented her research on American movie industry. Bri talked about the marketing strategy of the movie theaters in the US. Morgan shared her knowledge about the multi functional theater. Victoria identified the main problems and challenges of American movie industry particularly the case in Oh. She also made suggestions on how to solve the problems.</h3> <h3>Final presentation on membership card and concessions store. I was amazed how much information they had collected during that short period of time. Their suggestions were no wonder well accepted by the host company.</h3> <h3>Final presentation at the cinema on a huge screen. A closing ceremony followed afterward. Well done!</h3> <h3>Farewell party with a lot of great food! Thanks so much to Mr. Han, and Miss Sun. Your dedication is the main reason for the success of this program. Thanks! We miss you!</h3>