从一月份开始的每日一图已经持续到了第六个月,这个月我要用方形图来展示,近年来越来越多的人拍摄方形照片,美国的社交网站Instagram (照片墙) 大部分的照片都是用方形构图,每天约有9000多万张照片被上传,因此方形图又风靡了起来,它的确能突出主题,线条和形状,能把观赏者的视线吸引到画面的中心。用手机拍摄时,横拍竖拍一样自如,我尤其喜欢用方框来展现花朵的大特写。。。




Like An Artwork (像是艺术品)

If you glance at this picture, you might think that it is a colorful painting, it has little boats and blue water. You would never suspect that it’s actually a scarf. I have used an app called Glaze to create the painted look, these days apps can do so much, they provide endless possibilities.

如果你粗看一下,你会觉得这是一幅多彩的画,里面有蓝色的水和小船,你绝不会想到这是一条彩色的丝巾,我用了一个叫做 Glaze 的 App, 把它变成这样的画面, 现在的App 给人们带来了无穷无尽的可能性。



June Bride (六月新娘)

Lately, every time I go to the park I will see some people taking their bridal photos, June weddings are very popular here, I saw another couple today, they are posing for pictures by the lake, from afar, I see the bright colored gown, that made the picture look more beautiful.




Water Lily Pond (莲池)

Lily pond is full of blooming waterlilies, it seems that the rain created beautiful effects for the photos, there are ripples and raindrops, very refreshing.




Farm (农场)

This is a working farm in Northern Virginia suburb, every time I see it I will stop for a few minutes, sometimes I see people riding the horses,blue sky, white clouds, red barns, a very picturesque scene.

这是一个北维州市郊还在运作的农场,每次经过总会逗留片刻,有时会看到骑着马儿的人们,蓝天白云,绿草地,红色马房, 如画的景象。



Crownvetch (绣球小冠花)

These lovely little pink and white flowers, blooming on the hillside of the lane where I go for my daily walk. I didn’t know the name of it, until one day, a friend on MeiPian told me that the flowers are called Zi Yun Ying. Even the name sounds so beautiful, but Iater I found they look so much like Zi Yun Ying , but it’s not exactly the same plant, this one is called crownvetch.

这种可爱的小花开满了我散步经过的小坡上,以前不知道它的名字,是一位美友告诉我,这种花叫做紫云英,原来这花的名字这么美, 后来我得知,它和紫云英十分相像,这种花的确切名字叫做绣球小冠花。



Colorful Plants (多彩的植物)

A group of bright color leaved plants, they are clean, vibrant, spotless, this picture has no need to be edited, because it’s already so pretty.




Tiny Purple Flowers (紫色小花)

Tiny purple flowers are blooming by the brick wall,take a closer look, they can also attract butterflies. Using the flower identification app to find the name of the flower, it turns out that the flower is called Lobelia Erinus.




Early Summer Pond (初夏池塘)

There is another pond beside the lotus pond. It has no lotus in it, but a water fountain going all year round. In the early summer, it is surrounded by all shades of green, shown here is a beautiful picture of the pond.




Peaceful Lily Pond (静静的莲池)

Quiet lotus ponds have always been my favorite place to go. In a sunny afternoon, the temperature reached 90 Fahrenheit degrees and above, the water is very calm, the lotus leaves reveal shining lights.




Water Fountains In Longwood Garden 


The Longwood Garden in PA has a newly upgraded giant water fountain, it has a spectacular fountain show every two hours. People are scattered and sitting around, and of course there are stands and chairs for you to sit in and enjoy the wonderful performance.




Raindrops (雨滴)

After the rain, the plants always look so attractive to me. These round, shiny drops of water look exceptionally beautiful on this pale pinkish leaf.




Closeup (大特写)

At the supermarket entrance, there are bunches of flowers greeting people who come to shop, I took a close-up shot with my phone, I am happy it turned out pretty nice, its not the sharpest but it has a dreamy look

超市里的一束束鲜花,在门口迎接进门购物的人们,我用手机凑近了拍, 很高兴拍的还不错,虽然不是太清晰,但是有一点梦幻的感觉



Simplify Your Life (简化人生)

Modern life is always hectic and tiring, people are working extra hard to chase material satisfection. I used my Apple Pen to write down the paragraph that Ive translated, its a quote from the American author, philosopher, naturalist Henry David Thoreau.I think hes got a point.

现代人的生活总是忙碌不堪,为追求物质奔波劳累。今天我用苹果笔写下了我翻译的一段美国作家,哲学家,自然主义者亨利.戴维.梭罗的简化人生的短句, 觉得颇有道理。



Yellow Daylily (黄萱草)

The first group of yellow Daylilies started blooming, these flowers have a very long blooming season, they can bloom almost the whole summer, a very common flower for the average garden.




Waiting To Bloom (待放)

The lotus pond is full of new leaves, its so covered that I couldnt see the water in the pond, the flower buds are getting bigger, I am looking forward to when the beautiful lotus flowers fill the pond.




Watching World Cup In The Sun 


Saturday afternoon walking around the open spaces by the shopping district, I see people sitting on the grass, eyes on the giant screen, the World Cup game is going on, even though soccer is not the most popular game in the US, sports games always attract many people old and young to watch, it’s a hot day today, but it doesn’t seem to bother those watching the ballgame.

周六的下午,行走在商场附近的一块空地,见到人们坐在草地上,眼睛看着墙上巨大的银幕, 世界杯比赛正在进行中,虽然足球在美国并不是最热门,但是运动比赛总是会吸引不同年纪的人们,今天很热,但似乎并不影响他们晒着太阳看球赛。



Fathers Day (父亲节)

Today is Father's Day, I see this family is playing happily, I use the phone to capture the happy moment.Father and children spend time together, laughing and carefree. How beautiful this picture looks




Jasmine (茉莉花)

These scattered jasmines I collected and placed them in front of the computer of my office, letting the fragrance of the flowers surround me, I am sure I will be more productive at work now.




Hydrangea (绣球花)

In a corner of the house, the hydrangea blossomed, the colors are pinkish. Have you ever seen the blue ones? Actually the color of hydrangea is determined by the pH of the soil, if it’s slightly more acidic, the flowers will be blue, and if more alkaline, then they will be pink.




Second Round Of Magnolia (又见玉兰花)

The purple magnolia in the backyard bloomed again, they bloom every spring and summer. In the springtime the leaves have not yet appeared, flowers bloom first, when it comes summer, flowers are blooming amongst green leaves, I still remember the first time seeing the magnolia flowers in the summer, it was a surprise, I call it the second spring of magnolia.

后园的紫玉兰花又开了,每年春,夏二季它都会盛开,春天的花开时没有叶子,夏天的一波在绿叶之间盛放,记得第一次发现这棵紫玉兰在夏天开花,还很惊讶, 我叫它做玉兰花的第二春。



Summer Solstice (夏至)

It’s the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, it lasts 14 hours and 53 minutes in Washington DC, which means the summer officially started.




Distorted Brick Wall (扭曲的砖墙)

While pulling out of the parking spot, I noticed the distorted brick wall, it was created by the rain water on the windshield, I thought it looked very interesting.




Bicycle Sharing (共享单车)

If you pay attention, you will notice the arrays of colorful bikes on the curbs or street corners of big cities, Washington DC has it too. Bikes share are fun way to see the sights and local attractions. On the weekend I often see young people using it to move about the city.




A Bee With Colored Wings (彩色翅膀的蜜蜂)

While taking pictures of the hostas in the garden, a small bee appeared, I immediately captured a few shots,then I noticed the red and blue colors on the wings of the bee, which gave me a little surprise.




Narrow Leaf Gardenias (细叶栀子花)

This gardenia is a new cultivar, the fragrance of which is exactly the same as the standard gardenia, but its petals are more slender and the center of the flower is like a cup. it is relatively cold resistant and has a longer flowering period from spring to autumn, they’re also called Frostproof gardenias.

这棵细叶栀子花,是一个新品种,花香与标准的栀子花一模一样,但是它的花瓣细长,花的中心像个杯子,比较耐寒,花期较长,从春天开花至秋天, 它也被叫做防霜栀子花。



Red Lily (红百合)

The red lilies in my mothers garden are blooming like crazy, this unusual and stunning red colored lily had been planted for more than 10 years, each summer it brings colors to the garden, the flowers have a shining and glowing feel




Africa Daisy (非洲菊)

I’ve been frequently using my cellphone to photograph closeup flowers lately, this particular Africa Daisy is the most special in color and most beautiful in its center. It makes me look more closely.




Hosta (玉簪花)

My hostas are blooming, this one has no fragrance, but the deeper purple looks exceptionally beautiful, I watch the buds growing bigger each day, trying to find the best angle to photograph them




1000 Days Of MeiPian (美篇一千天)

Today is a very special day for me. I have reached a new milestone, exactly 1000 days ago I got my Mei Pian account, ever since my first article, I have not stopped using it. I became a loyal fan of MeiPian, and consider myself lucky to have found this outstanding platform. I appreciate all the support and encouragement from my friends on Mei Pian.




At The Corner (转角处)

Street photography is a very exciting thing to me. Because things change constantly, I like to try to photograph street scenes when I am in a busy place. On the corner of a Manhattan street in NYC today, I caught a glimpse of the setting sun with two figures and their shadows.



器材:iPhone 7 Plus