On the hot summer afternoon of June 21, we the English club members welcomed four friends from America and our foreign teacher from Philippines. On hearing that there would be five friends paying a visit, members gathered in Shang Shulang with excitement and could hardly wait to share their plans for summer vacation.


Community service is an important component of American education. During the summer vacation, some American students would participate in a community service project, while others would like to go to a summer camp or drop in on their relatives and friends. By contrast, some of our students agreed that they would take a trip during the holiday. 社区服务是美国学教育的一个重要的部分。一部分美国学生在暑假里将会参与到社区服务项目里去。其他的学生会选择参加夏令营或者拜访他们的亲朋好友。相反的,我们部分的学生都一致认为假期外出旅游。

It was Amy's second time to visit her mother's hometown China. At first, she was bashful in speaking in public. 这是艾米第二次来到母亲的家乡,起初,她羞于在公共场合讲话。

After sitting for a while beside her mom, Amy opened the conversation with some small talks. She was glad to show us her great performance in the school play. 在母亲身边坐了一会儿之后,艾米在寒暄中开始了谈话。她很乐意地向我们展示了她在学校表演中的精彩演出。

Art is without borders. The youngest sister sat there drawing with the pencil stub and our members tried their best to guess what the drawing is according to her deion. 艺术无国界。年纪最小的妹妹坐在那儿用铅笔头画画,我们的成员们则要根据她的描述去猜测她所画的东西。

A get-together is always a short time. In the end, a member drew a portrait of the youngest sister as a gift. Hope everyone has a colorful and meaningful summer vacation! Looking forward to our next gathering!相聚的时间总是很短暂。我们俱乐部的一位成员给这位小妹妹画了一幅肖像送给她作为礼物。希望大家都能有一个丰富多彩又有意义的暑假!期待我们下次的相聚!