On the afternoon of June 14, the first English Dubbing Competition was held by our school's English Club in the multi-media room in Zhang Guangyi Science Building.


This group of students really did a fantastic job in their dubbing for The Gifted Season , for which they got the first place in the competition. Congratulations! Now please have a taste of it.


Do you like Peppa Pig?Just go ahead and listen to our students' dubbing for it.


Have you ever read or seen The Pride & Prejudice? Our students were brave enough to meet the challenge of dubbing for an excerpt from the great masterpiece.


We Bare Bears is a cartoon quite popular with young kids.《我们裸熊》是一部深受孩子们喜欢的卡通片。

Little Prince 学生们为《小王子》配音。

Zootopia 《动物狂欢城》

Up 《飞船环游记》

Garfield et Cie《加菲猫的幸福生活》

Every winner of the competition was awarded a small gift. Through English dubbing, students can experience how English is spoken natively. It is also a good way for students to learn how to speak English with proper intonation and emotions. Most importantly, it is great fun, isn't it?