Today is Children's Day, a festival full of happiness, dreams and fantasy. On behalf of our school, Huang Liangde, the director of general office of our school, Cindy Wu, the director of the International Exchange Center of our school, Chen Wenqiang, assistant director of the International Exchange Center of our school and Yveline, the counselor of our English Club, began a welcoming ceremony by offering warmest welcome and earnest appreciation to honorable teachers and students coming here all the way from Hwa Chong Institution. On the welcoming ceremony, an exquisite souvenir was bestowed on the visitors and our school propaganda film was displayed on spot.

今天是六一儿童节,一个充满欢乐和梦想的节日。我校学校办公室主任黄良德老师, 对外交流中心主任吴清云老师和对外交流中心副主任陈文强老师,以及英语俱乐部的指导老师Yveline,代表我校对远道而来的新加坡华侨中学的师生们表示热烈的欢迎和衷心的感谢!在欢迎仪式上,我们向来宾们赠送精美的纪念品以及展示我们学校的宣传片。

After enjoying the film, Cindy showed the guests around the beautiful campus and introduced the development of our school.

在欣赏完我校宣传片之后,Cindy 带领来宾们参观了美丽的校园并介绍学校的概况。

As the host, strolling past tinkling fountains and perfumed Mango Avenue, our members from the English Club introduced everything about our campus enthusiastically and shared stories of school life with excitement with our friends from Hwa Chong Institution.


On the wishing trees hung the wishes of the numerous students in our school.


Some were busy taking photos with their newly-made friends.


A fierce basketball game was progressing in the distance.


As darkness fell outside,what fun it was to have dinner at long tables in the canteen together !


The happy time is always as short as the flames. Students exchanged gifts and good wishes for farewell. May long lives the friendship between us!

快乐的时光像烟花一样短暂。 我们交换礼物和祝福作为告别。愿我们友谊长存。