<h3>Get ready to explore China! Full of excitement, nervousness, and curiosity! What will China really look like?</h3> <h3>Opening ceremony! Dean Wu and Director Zhu gave welcome speech! Thanks so much for your hospitality! Thanks for providing my students this great opportunity to learn Chinese culture!</h3> <h3>Program started! Let’s start with learning some Mandarin, tea knowledge, and Chinese painting history ...</h3> <h3>After the introduction of the tea art! Let’s learn how to make tea. It’s not easy to make tea this way at all!!</h3> <h3>Chinese Painting! Good work!</h3> <h3>You guys are awesome!</h3> <h3>Excellent painting! I want paint your beautiful smile, Morgan!</h3> <h3>Learning does not only happen in the classroom! Let’s go out and explore the history of Xi’an !</h3> <h3>Mr Wu said that if you wanna see 500 years of China’s history, you should go to Beijing! If you wanna see 1000 years of history of China, come to Xi’an! Here we are!</h3> <h3>In the free time, let’s have some fun, how about fish Theropy?</h3> <h3>Let’s try some Chinese food! So yummy!</h3> <h3>Shopping is a very important experience too!</h3>