On the afternoon of 10,May, Elena, a foreign teacher invited by the English Club, delivered a lecture about her motherland, Russia.五月10号下午,英语俱乐部邀请外教Elena来我校举办讲座。Elena 介绍了她的祖国——俄罗斯。

The students went to Wang Zhaosong Lecture Hall the moment the class was over, eager to attend the lecture and learn something about Russia.学生们满怀期待,一下课就前往王兆松报告厅,渴望进一步了解俄罗斯。

In the beginning, Elena showed an interesting short video with some adjectives to describe Russia, such as big, genuine, natural, cold, hot, creative, generous and curious. Let's start the wonderful journey to Russia with Elena.首先,Elena播放了一段有趣的视频,其中不同的形容词形象地介绍了俄罗斯。让我们和Elena一起开始美妙的俄罗斯之旅吧!

The actors , super top models and athletes in the pictures look so charming. 图片中的俄罗斯演员、超模、运动员颜值爆棚。

With a long history, Russia is also a modern country full of specially designed modern buildings.俄罗斯不仅历史悠久,同时也是一个现代化大国。

Even though it is the largest country in the world, Russia has a population of 150 million and 74% of the people live in the urban areas, either in towns or cities so that they drive a lot.虽为世界上面积最大的国家,俄罗斯只有一亿五千万人口。百分之七十四的人都居住在市区,人们出行喜欢自驾。

There are 160 nationalities in Russia, each of whom has their own traditonal clothes which look special and attractive. No wonder Russia is multicultural and crosscultural.俄罗斯有160个民族,每个民族都有着自己独特而传统的服饰。因此,俄罗斯不仅是一个多元文化也是跨文化的国家。

It is known to all that Russia is larger than any other country in the world, covering an area of 17.1 million square kilometers. So big is it that it is situated partly in Europe and partly in Asia, bordering on many countries and crossing eight time zones.俄罗斯占地1710万平方公里,是世界上面积最大的国家。其国土一部分位于欧洲,一部分位于亚洲,与多个国家接壤,并跨越了八个时区。

With a good appetite, Russians usually eat three times a day. Porridge, bread, pancakes, borsch and pelmeny (meat dumplings) are the typical food in Russia. Unlike the porridge in China, Russian porridge usually goes with soup and butter. There are two types of bread, white and black. Bread is served in dinner no matter how many dishes there are. During festivals and holidays, Russians enjoy hot and round pancakes, a symbol of the sun, with which people say goodbye to long cold winter. Bosch is a special soup cooked with tomatoes and other vegetables. In Russia, dumplings are called pelmeny, which in fact originated in China. 俄罗斯人通常一日三餐。粥、面包、烙饼、罗宋汤和肉饺都是俄罗斯典型的食物。俄罗斯人喜欢在粥里加入汤和黄油,这和中国的粥不一样。俄罗斯的面包主要分为两种,并且不管菜式多丰富,面包也是餐桌少不可或缺的食物。人们在节假日的时候喜欢吃烙饼,因为烙饼是圆形的,出锅时热热的,就像太阳一样,人们吃烙饼告别冬日。罗宋汤是用西红柿和其他食材制作而成的特色食物。俄国人把肉馅儿饺子称为Pelmeny,实际上,饺子源于中国。

Similar to Chinese people, Russians enjoy drinking tea, black tea in particilar. But what is different is that they drink tea with a lot of sweets, such as cakes and honey.和中国人一样,俄国人也喜欢喝茶,尤其喜欢红茶。但不同的是,他们通常用蛋糕、蜂蜜等甜食搭配茶。

This is a traditional device to boil water and cook tea which is no longer used today.这是传统的煮水烧茶的壶,现在已不再使用。

Russia is home to a great number of talented people. Do you know them? They are Alexander Pushkin, the greatest poem in Russia, and Tchaikovsky, one of the most talented musicians in the world. 俄罗斯名人辈出,你认识图片中的人物吗?他们分别是普希金,俄罗斯最伟大的诗人之一,以及柴可夫斯基,世界著名的音乐大师和旋律大师。

Elena showed us two sorts of typiacal Russian dances.Elena给我们播放了俄罗斯典型的两种舞蹈。

This is the fast dance.欢快的舞蹈

This is the slow dance.慢节奏的舞蹈

The ladies give such an elegant performance that we thought it was the stage that moved.舞者们的舞步如此优雅,我们还以为是舞台在转动呢!

The students showed great interest. Even the youngest audience paid close attention to the lecture.学生们很感兴趣,就连咱们最小的听众也聚精会神。

They were appreciating the amazing performances in the video.学生们欣赏视频里精彩的表演。

Lake Baikal, nicknamed the Pearl of Siberia, holds about 20% of the world's fresh water. That's why it is the largest lake by volume. It is well known to the whole world as the deepest lake and for its crystal clear water and unique wildlife.贝尔加湖被誉为西伯利亚明珠,贮存了世界20%的淡水,是世界上蓄水量最大同时也是最深的湖泊。 贝尔加湖湖水清澈,蕴藏着丰富的生物资源。

Russia is abundant in natural resources.俄罗斯自然资源丰富。

Speaking of Russia, people must think of its cold winter.谈到俄罗斯,人们都会想到那儿冬天严寒的气候。

This is one of the coldest cities in the world where the temperature can be as low as 71 degrees below zero. But not all the places in Russia are cold in winter.这是世界上最冷的城市之一,冬天的气温可低达零下71摄氏度。但是,并不是俄罗斯每个地方的冬天都很寒冷。

Summer is hot there.炎热的夏天。

The education in Russia mainly has three stages, primary, basic and secondary.俄罗斯的教育主要分为三个阶段。

Russian Ruble俄罗斯纸币——卢布

Fancy clothes designed by Russian designers俄国设计师设计的别致的服装

Do you recognize who he is? Yes! He is the super star and the most influential figure in Russia, President Vladimir Putin.俄罗斯总统普京

Russia has steady foreign policies. China and Russia have established a long-term and stable relationship. 中俄建立了长期稳定的外交关系。

The students expressed their appreciation to Elena for giving them such a wonderful lecture by clapping their hands, from which they have benefited a lot. 学生们鼓掌感谢Elena做了如此精彩的讲座,让他们受益匪浅。

What are you waiting for? Why not join us in broadening our horizons , learning more and making greater progress? Come on! We are looking forward to your participation!别再犹豫!加入我们,让我们一起拓宽视野,取得更大的进步!期待大家参与我们英语俱乐部丰富多彩的活动!