Cherry Blossom (樱花开了)

I’ve been waiting for the cherry blossoms in front of the house to bloom for a while, and finally I see the first ones bloom today, immediately I photographed it.



High Key Pear Blossom (高调梨花)

There are many Bradford pear trees by the parking lot, I see the flower buds grow little bigger each day, I decided to take a photo against the sky, resulting a high key pear blossom picture



Close Up Pear Blossom (近拍梨花)

Walking around under the bright sunlight, seeing full bloom pear blossoms, they still carry some pink colors, zooming in to take a close up shot



Cherry Blossom Under The Sun (阳光下的樱花)

A very sunny day, good weather, good mood, under the sun, the trees look prettier, the people look prettier, and the newly blooming cherry blossoms look even more beautiful



How To Make A Paper Sun (纸太阳是如何做成的)

Actually the paper sun is extremely easy to make. I have used the post-it notes to create a circle, then stuck the two last pages together to complete it. It was found accidentally, it made me so happy, I am using the green background today



Ready To Bloom (等待盛开)

The purple magnolias in the backyard are ready to bloom, but I will be gone for two weeks, will they be still blooming when I return?



Fly To My Hometown (飞往故乡)

Today I begin my long-awaited trip to my hometown , flying over the icy mountains and across the ocean, soon I will be back to the place where I grew up



Shanghai, My Hometown (上海, 我的故乡)

After four years, I am back to my hometown,on the way from the Pudong Airport to the city center, I see the Shanghai skyline, the 3 tallest buildings appeared in front of me, make me feel that I am indeed have arrived in Shanghai

四年之后,我的故乡,我又回到了你的身边, 从浦东去市中心的路上,当看到这几幢上海的最高建筑,让我感到自己真的已经到了上海


Like A Postcard (如明信片般)

I have seen many postcards of the Shanghai scenery, this one most represents today's Shanghai, and I want to use my own cell phone to take a picture, the afterglow of the sunset is still there, at this moment, I am holding both my camera and cell phone, trying to capture the most Shanghai scenes through my eyes



At A Busy Intersection (在繁忙的交叉路口)

Flew to Tokyo today, was planning to see the cherry blossom, but the timing is off a bit, we missed the peak blooming time. Walking around the streets of Shinjuku,I see hurried people walking in all directions, this is our modern life.



A Glance At Mount Fuji (富士山一瞥)

Taking the cable car to the hilltop, I tried to have a glance of the mt. Fuji, these stubborn white clouds just surrounded the mountain top, preventing us the chance of seeing the famous Fuji mountain, the good thing is that I got to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom here.



Tranquil Garden (宁靜的花园)

Every time I am in a different city, I will look for it’s park or garden, in Shinjuku National Garden, the beautiful cherry blossoms are faded, the crowds are sparce, I’m enjoying the tranquil garden, it makes me feel so calm and relaxed, shot one garden scene with the lake reflections 



A Different Kind Of Phubbing (另类低头族)

Nowadays you see many people holding there cell phones constantly, ignoring the surroundings, they are called phubbing, but today I am surprised to see a different group of people, also ignoring others, but holding newspapers or books instead of a cell phone. They are waiting for the store to open for breakfast



Cityscape Reflections (城市高楼倒影)

Through the sea of high rise buildings across from my hotel, I see the reflections of the surrounding buildings, really interested in all kinds of reflections, using every chance to capture it

酒店对面的高楼, 我看到了周围建筑物的倒影, 对倒影总是非常感兴趣,抓住每一个机会去拍下


Super Starbucks (超级星巴客)

Originally, we are going to visit the largest Starbucks in the world, but when we arrived, I see the long line of people waiting to get in, I lost my appetite instantly, it’s a shame that I didn’t get inside this time. How about I just take a picture of the store front?



Walking On The Air (行走在空中)

I saw this interesting billboard in Huai Hai Road, it seems like she is walking on air, full of confidence and at ease, it feels like she is floating



Familiar & Strange Street (熟悉又陌生的马路)

I have walked down this street many times, but today it seems so unfamiliar. The sycamore trees are still flourishing, the houses still looked same, and there are some small shops here now. But the feeling and connections are completely gone, I am looking left and right, just couldn’t believe that it’s been almost forty years since I left this place.



Taste The Delicious Food (尝美食)

Every time I am back in Shanghai, I always indulge in the food, for the food that I used to carved, I will taste them one after another, and photograph them all. This photo looks very attractive, I liked the design of the dish and way it was presented



Looking From Bothsides Of The Huangpu River (浦东浦西两相望)

Today I came to PuDong, walking along the riverside, it gives me a different feel, the scene is not what I am used to seeing, usually we go to the Bund to look at Pudong’s high rise buildings, today I want to use a different angle to see Shanghai



Leisure Time (悠闲时光)

Walking through the small town of Zhenze, you can see people enjoying the time in the tea house, playing cards outside their houses and strolling by the water. Such a leisurely life is enviable



Black Bamboo (黑竹子)

Usually we see the bamboo in green or yellow colors, but in the Anji Bamboo Garden I see the unique and beautiful black bamboo, it gives a sharp contrast to the green leaves in the background, very pretty



Chinese Garden (中国式花园)

I really enjoy going to the gardens, usually I go to the open concept western styled ones, but I am yearning for Chinese gardens. This morning we came to the Yu Garden inside Cheng Huang Miao, there are winding passages, the Moon Gate, and pavilions. Although there are many people, I still enjoy the few hours of sightseeing



Shanghai Story (上海故事)

Everyone has their own story, and as you grow older, the story gets more complicated. This Shanghai Story is about a brand of silk scarves, but every time I see it, I will think about the people and things in the past, and also what they have become today?



Seeing Sunrise At The Airport (机场看日出)

I missed my flight to DC last night, had to spend the night at the hotel. Arrived the airport very early in the morning. While waiting, I suddenly noticed the bright colors outside, the sun is trying hard to peek out of the clouds.



Back To Work (又上班了)

Today I am back to work, back to my daily routine, also back on my feet to take a walk during lunch break, the woods look much greener than two weeks ago, all the new leaves began to grow rapidly



A New Day (新的一天)

A new day with bright sunshine always makes me happy. This was taken early this morning, while the sun was shining on the trees in my back yard.



Raindrops On The Colorful Leaves (带雨滴的彩叶)

A row of new plants were planted in front of my office building, some colorful leaves. After the rain, the colored leaves look so refreshing, I like the pale colors and clean feeling



Pink Dogwood Flowers (粉红色的山茱萸)

Spring in Virginia means Dogwood flowers everywhere, if you walk along the streets of VA, you won’t miss the beautiful blooming flowers. This photo was taken in front of my mother’s house. Beautiful pink flowers against the sky, so soft and so delicate



Dessert From Shanghai (上海点心)

Before leaving Shanghai, both my cousin & my best friend each give me a box of Tang ‘s Cake, it must be very popular dessert, a delicious pastry looklike moon cake, with lovely shape and colors, and it comes in many flavors, such as red bean, green bean, taro, chocolate, etc.



The Fragrant White Peonies (香味白牡丹)

My fragrant white peonies are still blooming like crazy, every morning when I open the door I can smell the lovely sweet scent,it seems this year there are a lot more flowers and they are extra large, the flowers are a bit like hydrangeas



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