Music has always fascinated us in the way that it communicates. Without words. It was our great honor to invite three foreign teachers to take part in our today's activity whose topic is my favourite song held by English Club on such a nice afternoon of May 3rd.


When the foreign teachers arrived, under the guidance of vice president of the English club named Chen Yukun, our members quickly formed into three groups sitting in a circle and shared their favourite songs with others one by one.


Music always has a charm to bring people together. Members sat much closer to each other and began to sing with the music played by the mobile phone in a rhythmic whisper, bringing out a meaning in each word that it had never had before, and even attracted the children who hung out around .


However, there was a warm free talk held by Michael about what kind of music you like to listen to when you are sad or happy and your opinion on whether music can change a person's mood or not , which based on the fact that people prefer to listen to different music when they are in different moods.


Far away from those two groups mentioned above, there was a girl's solo show in Helen's group while others around her sat there in a listening attitude.


The girl was given loud cheers and warm clapping when she finished her singing.


Hope for joining in the funny activity next time!