The Signs Of Spring (春天的迹象)

If you’re looking just at this blooming red plum tree, you might think that spring is coming,but this is the only tree that has blossomed so far, a red plum, it is very eye-catching, and you can see it from a distance on the side of the road.




March Wind (三月的风)

It’s an old saying that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Today's wind storm confirmed half of it. On the second day of March, the east coast of US was struck by wind gusts of up to 60 to 80 miles per hour. Causing schools and the government offices to close, power outages affecting hundreds of thousands people, I was so lucky that the power was still on, and was able to work from home. While sitting next to my computer, all I could hear was the wind blowing outside and the wind chimes hanging by the door were constantly rattling and swirling.




Beautiful Sunset (美丽的晚霞)

Have you ever noticed that during a sunset, the colors on the western sky turn orange and gold, while the eastern sky turns pinkish and pale blue? Today I captured the colors pink and light blue along with the golden colors, thanks to the high rise glass building in the middle that reflected the golden color.

不知你有否注意到,当太阳落山时,西边的天空是明亮的金色,东边的天空是粉红和浅蓝色的,而今天我拍到了一张有金色,粉红和浅蓝色组合的照片, 要感谢中间的那栋玻璃高楼在夕阳下发出的金光。



A Walk By The Pond (走在池塘边)

Walking around the pond, still seeing bare tall trees, and long shadows of reflections in the water, the weather is nice, a good day to take the kids out for outdoor activities.

围着池塘走一圈, 树木依然光秃秃的,长长的倒影在水中,天气很不错,是带孩子去室外活动的好时光。



A Goose In Sparkling Water (波光粼粼中的鹅)

A wonderful sight by the lake, a lone swan, oh no, a lone Canada goose on shimmering lake,the sunlight reflected pink sparkles, how I wish it were a pure white swan.




Ribbons Of Grass (丝带般的草)

Often I pass by an open field during my lunch break, there is a large area of tall, curled yellow grasses, I have taken many photos of it but today, I decided to try the spinning method to photograph it, then I used Snapseed app to edit it into a ball shape afterwards, it looked like a messy ball at first glance, but when examining it closerly, I see the ribbons of grass, quite interesting.

散步时经常走过一大片草地,草儿长得高高的,卷曲着,拍过好多张乱草飞舞的照片,今天突然想到用旋转法来试一下,然后用Snapseed App 修成一个球形,起初看像是一团乱麻,仔细看却发现上面的几根草有点像丝带, 蛮有趣的。



Eastern Redbuds (紫荆花)

The North American Redbuds in the garden were full of purple clusters of little beads, they are very noticeable lately, they will swell a little each day, and in two or three weeks the flowers will be in full bloom.




Splendid Sunset (灿烂的日落)

A beautiful sunset is not something you see every day. I went shopping late afternoon, and by the time I walk out of the store, I noticed the trees by the parking lot are very red, and I got excited immediately, thinking that today's sunset must be very beautiful, I turn around, saw the colorful sky, and start to click my iPhone away instantly, because these colors will soon disappear, I am so glad to see such a beautiful sunset today.




Lakeside Living (湖边居)

Every time I see these lakeside houses, I always think how nice it would be to live by the water, to have such a nice view, you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset, seeing birds, ducks and geese swimming by freely, especially on a good day, sitting on the deck, listening to the soothing sounds of water.




Peaceful Coexistence (和平共处)

Weather is getting a little warmer, the koi in the pond are more active than during the winter, they swim freely and comfortably , when the Canada geese joined, it didn’t bother them at all, they shared warmer pond peacefully.




Orchids In Bloom (蝴蝶兰盛开)

This orchid has been with us for a long time, I bought it because of the lovely color and stripes.It blooms faithfully year after year, Phalaenopsis is exceptionally popular, they also have many colors, are easy to grow, and the blooms could last for a couple months.




Paper Sun (纸太阳)

This paper sun was made in less than a minute, it's a brilliant sun, and I didnt expect it to be made so easily. In fact, if you look at it a little longer, it also resembles a flower, a yellow flower with many pointed petals.




Roadside Blooming (路边花儿开)

The roadside flowers are blooming again, last year at this same place I spotted some purple crocus, they were emerging from a bunch of withered leaves, blooming so beautifully, recently I’ve been checking around the spot each time I walk by, to see if there are any signs of the blossom, today I was so happy to see the blooming purple flowers, and immediately took this picture.

路边小花又开了,去年此时在此处看到几朵紫色番红花,从枯叶堆里顶出来,绽放着美丽的色彩, 近日毎次经过这附近,会仔细看一看,有没有花开,今天看到紫色小花,我非常欣喜,立刻用手机拍一张。



The Beauty Of Symmetry (对称之美)

I like reflections, I also like symmetry,and will take every chance to photograph the symmetry form, if you are living in a big city, you will have plenty of chances to do so, obviously in the suburbs the chances are limited.




Flying Geese (飞翔的鹅)

Went to the lotus pond this morning, it’s a sunny day today, the pond looked bright and golden, there are some geese flying around, trying to photograph the flying geese by my phone, very happy that this picture turned out nicely.




Snow Showers (一阵雪)

When I left my home this morning, the weather looked fine, but while on the road, I suddenly began seeing snowflakes,gradually more and more, people on the road slowed down naturally. The snow showers ended quickly and the sun came out in the afternoon.




Mini Pansies (迷你三色堇)

Outside the shopping place, I was attracted by the colorful mini pansies in the large flowerpots, a few of the little flowers seemed to leap out of the flowerpots.




Sunday Afternoon (星期天下午)

On this Sunday afternoon, while walking on the streets of Washington DC, I saw young men dressed fashionably, riding the tricycle pedicab, leading tourists around the capital area. They are young, strong, friendly, and familiar with the city, for older people or those with young children, taking a Pedicab to tour DC is a good choice.




Pretty Clouds (漂亮的云)

On my way home from work I saw clouds that looked like cotton balls, beautiful against the blue sky, but the weather forecast said it would snow tomorrow, at this moment it’s hard to imagine that would happen.

下班回家时,看见了天空有像棉花球般的云彩,在蓝天衬托下很漂亮, 不过天气预报说明天会下雪,在此时此刻,简直不能想像真会下雪。



Winter Is Back (又回冬天)

It was very springlike yesterday, today it seems winter is back, it began to rain with sleet this afternoon, the car windshield were covered with small ice pellets.




Spring Snow (春雪)

Today is the first day of spring, the Washington metropolitan area is experiencing its biggest snowfall of the year, didn’t expect snow in late March, but I have to say it’s very pretty. I took this picture by holding the phone in between the blinds, trying a different angle.

今天是春分,大华府地区却迊来了今年最大的一场雪, 没有想到巳经三月下旬了,还下了这么大的雪,不过雪景很漂亮,我把手机放在百叶窗帘之间,拍下这张照片,尝试不一样的角度。



Willow In The Wind (杨柳在风中)

The snow from yesterday has melted a great deal, and under the sunlight, several willow trees swayed in the wind, fresh green willow branches swinging to the one side by the strong wind. I thought the trees were like young girls standing gracefully, their long branches from last year were cut short, just like girls cutting their hair for a brand new look in Spring.




Charley Harper (查理.哈珀)

While looking for other books through my bookshelf, I found Charley Harpers Bird Book, this American artist was best known by his uniquely styled bird prints, his work incorporated many geometric lines, simple and vivid, and the colors of his artwork are bright and beautiful, it left readers with an unforgettable impression.




Fast Food (快餐)

Today I had a suddenly craving for fast food, passing by a McDonlds, I went in and bought myself some french fries and a hamburger, its been a long time since I have had McDonalds, they are actually pretty tasty. Nowadays people are really against fast food, they think it’s all junk food, and are afraid to eat it, in my opinion, eating fast food once in a while is perfectly fine.




Street Scene Of DC (DC街景)

If you’re in Washington DC, you’ll notice that there are no high rise buildings, the street scene is just like the picture shows.




Little Squirrel (小松鼠)

I often see squirrels darting around in the woods, and for a while I disliked them so much, because they often appeared in the backyard and rummaged through the flowers and plants. I noticed this little squirrel while walking today, it didn't run when I approached it, and I snapped a picture of it eating something.

经常会在树林里看到流窜的小松鼠,有一阵子我很讨厌它们,因为它们常在后园出现,把种在土里的花草乱翻,今天散步时发现这只松鼠, 当我走近,它也没有跑,顺手抓拍一张它吃东西时的样子。



Lily Pond On The Wall (墙上的莲池)

There were several colorful paintings on the walls of the doctor's office. This lily pond picture made me think of the blooming waterlilies. Time flies, in two or three months, I could take pictures of the waterlilies again.




Chocolates (巧克力)

The temptation of chocolate is hard to resist, the other day, I saw some mango-flavored truffles in a store, I bought a bag and put them in a glass bowl. I took a picture of it today against the dark background.




Spring Is Indeed Here (春天真的来了)

In a bright sunny afternoon, the full blooming white magnolias are against the blue sky, spring is in the air, finally the weather turned warmer lately, long waited Spring is indeed here.




Star Magnolia (星玉兰)

The star magnolia trees are usually smaller than the common magnolia, but its flowers are more showy, fragrant and beautiful. Take a closer look at this pink flower, its striped petals are wavy.




Full Blooming Bradford Pear Tree (梨花盛开)

The Bradford Pear trees alongside the road are in full bloom, you can see them everywhere, the little white flowers are like stars in the sky, the spring scene gives people full of hope.



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