On the sunny afternoon of April 2nd, the members of the English Club gather in Zhangguangyi Building for a new game.

Students are divided into 6 groups. In this activity, students are requested to think of a word starting with a letter given. And the next group is suppoesd to think of another word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. For example, when a group says“light”, the next group should think of a word starting with “t”. And all the words can only be mentioned once.
What's more, with a time limit of 5 seconds, this game seems very challenging and exciting.

  The vice presidents of the English Club Chen Yukun and Mai Xiaowen are hosting the game. They explain patiently to everyone how the game is played in both English and Chinese. Their fluent English impresses everybody.


  Students are very excited, waiting for the game to start.


  When it begins, the group members devote themselves into heated discussion. And everyone is taking an active part in it. They work together to think of any relative words that they have learned.


  Look at this boy, trying to think of a relative word. It seems that he has a large vocabulary and can often give an answer very fast. Good job!


 Unluckily, Group 4 is unable to give an answer within 5 seconds. Therefore they need to sing a song in front of everyone as punishment. But to everyone's surprise, the girl has a wonderful voice, which leaves a deep impression on the students.


  With the game going on, most groups find it more and more difficult to think of a new word. So at last every group get punished.


 “We are a team. Let's face punishment together!”


  This boy is singing What do I know. He has an amazing voice, as a result of which he is advised to take part in the coming Englsh Singing competition.

这个男孩正在唱《What do I know》.他的嗓音真是太棒了,所以大家都建议他去参加即将举办的英语演唱大赛。

  What a great and meaingful game, from which everybody has learned a lot. Not only have they learned many new words, but also they have realized the true meaning of teamwork. In addition, they have gained a lot of fun. We are really looking forward to the next activity.