🔹2.1.2018 Low Key Tulips (低调郁金香)

I've always wanted to shoot low-key flowers on my phone, you may not be aware but the photo was taken by placing the flowers on a black slate tile



🔹2.2.2018 The Moon And The Clouds (云和月)

It's not a full moon today, but the moon still looked pretty round this morning, there are some clouds moving towards the moon, I tried to both into the picture



🔸2.3.2018 Super Bowl (超级碗)

I am not a sports fan, but it's impossible to ignore the annual football championship game, which is a big deal for many Americans, who get together on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the final game while eating, drinking, and having a good time with friends



🔹2.4.2018 Iced Leaf (冰叶子)

It's been very cold and wet lately, no snow, but freezing rain, the lonely maple leaf was covered by a sheet of ice



🔹2.5.2018 Windy Morning (大风的早晨)

A cold and blustery morning, the temperature was below zero, the water in the pond rattled with the strong wind, the sound of the water pounding was very loud, trying to capture the moment of the waves coming down the terraced pond



🔹2.6.2018 A Flock Of Geese (一群鹅)

This is a sight I often see, a flock of Canadian Geese, they are trying to fly from one place to another in search of food



🔹2.7.2018 Crystal Raindrops (晶莹剔透的水珠儿)

When freezing rain is falling, when the weather is unusual, it's the best time to take a photograph, if temperatures rises a little, the crystal raindrops will disappear quickly



🔹2.8.2018 The Rainbow Sky (七彩的天空)

I have seen all colors of the sky at sunrise, sometimes very bright and golden, sometimes scarlet red, but this morning I see a rainbow of colors



🔹2.9.2018 Pink Cymbidium Orchids (粉红色蕙兰)

My Cymbidium orchids are blooming now, and they could continue to bloom for about 8 to 10 weeks, this is one of the spikes, actually there are more spikes ready to bloom, I promise to take another photo when they are in full bloom



🔹2.10.2018 Wintersweet With Raindrops (带着雨滴的腊梅花)

The wintersweet flowers are continuously blooming, they are the highlights of the winter garden, I shot this photo in the rain



🔹2.11.2018 A Lonely Seagull (雾中孤影)

Foggy morning by the lake, there are no flocks of birds, only a lonely seagull standing on a pole, and the woods beyond were dimly visible

有雾的早晨,我来到湖边,没有看到大群的鸟儿,却只见到一只孤独的海鸥, 远处的树林忽隐忽现


🔹2.12.2018 Roadside Scene (路边一景)

Flocks of geese appeared in the streets, and no one paid any attention to them. There was yellow grass in the background, creating a picturesque feeling



🔹2.13.2018 Waiting For Spring (等待春天)

You may not see it, but it’s there, Spring is waiting everywhere. Spring is in the buds at the tips of tree branches



♥️2.14.2018 Love Is . . . (爱就是. . . )

Today is Valentine's Day. It's a day to show love to your loved ones. I used a book, a ring, and the lamp light to create a heart shape. To me, love is faithfulness, trust, honesty and never giving up



🔹2.15.2018 Shimmering Water (闪烁的水面)

Morning sunlight shining on the water surface, creates fabulous silver dots in patterns, so brilliant and beautiful



🔸2.16.2018 Chinese Red (中国红)

It seems an ordinary day, since I still have to go to work, but its actually Chinese New Years day, I left work a little early, went to the mall, there are many Chinese elements, the red lantern hanging up high, and the red jumping carp was also very eye catching



🔹2.17.2018 A Fast Moving Snowstorm (速来的大雪)

A fast moving snowstorm coming to D.C. The weather is forecasted as sleet and wet snow starting around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, as predicted the snow came, by the evening the ground has been all but covered by heavy wet snow, the trees are looking so beautiful in the snow.



🔹2.18.2018 By The Lake (湖边)

I have been to this lake several times lately, taking the same picture over and over again, but not getting tired of it, this image was taken in the morning, right after sunrise, I really like how it turned out



🔸2.19.2018 Double Exposures (双重曝光)

Experimenting with double exposures by combining two similar photos, it did not come out as expected, but it’s a learning process, need to practice more



🔹2.20.2018 B & W (黑白照)

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you work so hard to achieve something, but the result is not as good as you expected, on the other hand, sometimes when you least expect it, you get a surprisingly good result, this black and white photo is the perfect example, shot it in a hurry, the result is a delicate carnation



🔸2.21.2018 February Heat (二月暖流)

Summer like weather today, hot air strikes, the highest temperature today reached 78 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) breaking the record. People wearing T-shirts and shorts on the street, a summer day in February



🔹2.22.2018 True Colors (真实色彩)

I have to confess, the black and white carnation photo that I shot couple of days ago was done inside my car.I brought the flowers to my office, on the way, I see the dark background against the single flower, decided to shoot a low key photo of it. These carnations could last a long time, still looking good in the vase in my office, here are the true colors of that beautiful carnation.

二天前,我拍了一张黑白康乃馨, 我必须承认那是在车子里拍的,那天带了一束花去办公室,把花放在车里,路上看见它正好对着深色背景,就拍了一张。康乃馨可以持续开很久,今天依然开得很美,再拍一张来显示它的真实色彩


🔹2.23.2018 A Puddle On The Road (路边一潭水)

In this square photo, there are several colors: such as green, white, khaki, and gray, there are lines and patterns, it can be thought of as an abstract painting. In fact, it’s a puddle of water by the roadside, I saw it during my lunch break. There were reflections of trees in it, the result of lowering my cell phone to take the shot



🔹2.24.2018 Foggy Morning At Tidal Basin (晨雾中的潮汐湖)

It's been foggy almost every day lately, this morning I drove to DC, parked my car and walked towards the Tidal Basin, I saw that the water was strangely calm, no wind and no birds in sight, the branches of the cherry blossoms hung low near the water, it's visible now that a lot of green buds are starting to come through. In a little more than a month, it would be full of pink colors, the season of cherry blossoms would soon be here



🔹2.25.2018 Early Spring Reflections (早春倒影)

It's been a while since I’ve gone to my favorite garden, the weather is starting to get warmer, I was wondering how the garden would look now. Walking along the path to the lake, the first sight coming into my view is this little bridge’s reflection, the tree next to it is blooming with tiny yellow flowers, spring is here!



🔹2.26.2018 Triangles In Lotus Pond (荷塘里的三角形)

I am fascinated with the geometric shapes in the lotus pond, by this time of the year, the lotus pond has only sticks left to see, but the amazing thing is that the sticks and it's reflections formed very interesting shapes, it's nature's artwork! I spent quite a while by the pond, shooting all kinds of photos



🔹2.27.2018 Blue Sky No Clouds (蓝天无云)

After almost a whole week without sunshine, this morning is finally seeing the bright sunshine and cloudless blue sky. A nice day to walk outside to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the sunny day. The magnolia tree is full of buds ready to bloom.



🔸2.28.2018 Three Carnations (三朵康乃馨)

It seems I couldn't get enough of the carnations, I am using one pink carnation to experiment with multiple exposures. It turned out like this, still not the ideal image that I had in my mind, but it's getting closer to what I wanted.



器材:iPhone 7 Plus